Shimmering Garden Pond With Stepping Stones

Alderwood Landscaping designed this backyard space to compliment the home's existing modern architecture. The fire pit and seating area are built-into the hillside, making this difficult terrain functional. The garden pond has floating stepping stones that provide visual interest, while also giving pedestrians the illusion of 'walking on water'.

Photo By: Alderwood Landscaping

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

Modern Pond With Large Square Steppingstones

Rows of ornamental grasses line this modern pond, accentuating the order and structure of the design. Large square steppingstones create an easy, direct path across the pond.

Modern Terrace With Fire Pit

This fire pit sits on a small terrace on the hillside behind a modern home. The destination creates a reason to use the backyard, which was previously unused due to the slope.

Modern Home With Sleek Backyard Fire Pit

This striking backyard retreat features a fire pit and modern landscaping to complement the home's ultra-modern exterior.

Floating Stepping Stones Lead to Modern Home

Square concrete stepping stones appear to float on a shallow pond outside the front door of this modern home. The sharp, angular lines of the steps pair nicely with the home's clean, minimalist exterior.

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