Modern NYC Apartment Infused With Color, Vintage Collectibles

For a collector of vintage items with a love for color, bare, white walls in a modern New York apartment just wouldn't do. Designer Allison Lind repurposed furniture and materials to transform this blank space into a cozy, colorful retreat. 

Vintage Meets Modern Living Room

Vintage Meets Modern Living Room

Vintage accents meet a modern aesthetic in this living room complete with several bookcases. An added small work space makes this living room perfect for both work and relaxation.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

With her children grown and living on their own, Allison Lind’s client wanted to downsize from an industrial loft in New York City to a modest apartment. At the top of her wish list: outfit the ultra-contemporary space with her vintage collectables and complement with color.

"She has cool antiques, a lot of funky finds," says Lind, whose signature RE:LOCATE service allowed her to coordinate the move and unpacking process for her client as well as the design. "She didn't want that stuff gathering dust in storage."

Because the space was a rental, Lind and her team weren’t permitted to make any changes to the pristine white walls. They couldn’t paint, use wallpaper or hang light fixtures, despite the client’s request for color.

Vintage Meets Modern Work Space With Wood Desk

Vintage Meets Modern Work Space With Wood Desk

Vintage accents give flair to this work space complete with a wood desk and two bookcases. An eclectic rug adds some color to the space.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

To work around this, Lind selected vibrant accents that both enlivened the space and coordinated with her client’s antiques. In lieu of painting the living room walls, the designer used a colorful, hand-stitched rug from Turkey to bring texture and energy to the floors.

Although Lind's client wasn’t sure about the piece at first, she quickly fell in love with the unique design and how it softened the apartment’s stark interior.

“Every square is a different piece of a rug that’s been sewn together,” Lind explains. “I just had a feeling that it was exactly what the space needed.”

White Dining Table in Vintage Meets Modern Dining Room

White Dining Table in Vintage Meets Modern Dining Room

A vintage dining room table is adorned with white chairs. Fun vintage accents like a hanging mirror and ladder adorn the space.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

The designer's keen intuition led to another resourceful solution: a reclaimed wooden table in the dining room. Where the white-painted legs complement the modern walls, the rustic tabletop suits the client’s preferences for all things vintage. As a result, this single piece bridges the gap between two sharply-contrasting styles.

Further, by pairing the table with six wired chairs and an open shelving unit, Lind provided her client with a touch of the familiar, industrial-inspired elements she once enjoyed in her loft. In this way, the designer ensured that her client’s new home felt as comfortable as possible. 

She moved from pre-war exposed brick, wide plane floors and towering ceilings to a very clean, contemporay space. We wanted to transfer that to her new place.
Allison Lind, Allison Lind Interiors
Vintage Round Hanging Mirror

Vintage Round Hanging Mirror

A vintage hanging mirror is suspended by rope in this dining space. Jars and other vintage accents add fun to the modern aesthetic.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

To make broad use of the space's limited square footage, Lind and her team introduced a hanging mirror and rustic ladder into the dining room. Positioned above a wooden console table, the mirror heightens the walls while the ladder leads to a hidden storage unit overhead.

Together, these pieces also evoke the idea of a foyer, making the narrow area seem that much larger. 

Lind believes this approach helped her in outfitting the client's bedroom as well.

Vintage Meets Modern Bedroom

Vintage Meets Modern Bedroom

Although this bedroom space looks small, every bit of it is used. A large vintage wardrobe is perfect for storage space. Burgundy throw pillows adorn a white poster bed.

Photo by: Regan Wood

Regan Wood

Working with a queen-sized mattress and minimal wall space, Lind needed to fashion both a nightstand and a closet without making the room feel crowded. To that end, the designer placed a floating shelf over the bed to hold basic necessities, while a vintage trunk at the foot stores extra pillows and linens. 

Saturated burgundy and gold accents tie the space together. "She absolutely loves color," Lind says of her client. "I think it really enlivens and warms her home life."

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Living Room

In an apartment defined by clean white walls, vintage furniture and accents add color to the living room. Three bookshelves and a desk ensure that this space fosters productivity and play. 

Corner With Eclectic Accents

Set in one corner of the living room, a reclaimed wooden bookshelf provides storage for novels and other possessions. The mix of Asian-inspired accents, a classical bust and old checkerboard gives the space an eclectic look.

Leather Sofa, Chandelier Create Balance

At the other end of the room, a full-length mirror with distressed trim complements a brown leather sofa. To balance the urban design, a small crystal chandelier offers a touch of feminine flair and sparkle. 

Workspace With Vintage Chair

A large modern desk and vintage chair create a makeshift workspace for drafting emails. Large windows flood the room with natural light, while a brightly-colored woven rug softens the floor. 

Photo By: Regan Wood

Eclectic Dining Room

For a truly collected look, this dining room pairs a reclaimed wooden table with five metal chairs and a large gray area rug. Behind this setting, a wired shelving unit stores pots, pans and other tableware. 

Round Hanging Mirror

Suspended over a wooden console table, this round mirror offers a peek at jars and other necessities in the kitchen. A vintage ladder to the right creates the illusion of an entryway and helps define the space.

Brightly-Colored Bedroom

In this colorful bedroom, a wooden armoire stores clothes and shoes, while a vintage suitcase topped with throw pillows provides extra storage for linens. The large floor-to-ceiling curtain keeps the space cool and shaded.

Burgundy Throw Pillows

Burgundy throw pillows bring color and texture to this white bedroom. Above the bed, a floating shelf and woven mirror heighten the walls, making the space seem that much larger.  

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