Glamorous Master Bathroom

Designer Barbara Gilbert created an elegant master bathroom complete with a vintage chandelier, stunning wall art and a Jacuzzi tub.
By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

An Elegant Space

The full effect of the master bathroom is glamorous and spa-like. A Jacuzzi tub is adorned in mosaic tiles and set off by a vibrant piece of wall art.

Small Details

Fancy drawer pulls finish off the bathroom's elegant appeal.

Fancy Lighting

A vintage chandelier hangs over the bathroom, adding a very glamorous effect.

Shower in Style

The shower features a glass-block window and mosaic tiles similar to those seen on the tub.

Metallic Mix

A mix of metallic tiles adds a shimmering effect to the shower.

Trimmed in Gold

Gold-leaf accents and decor are simple touches that add elegance to the space.

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