Roomy Townhouse Kitchen

Architect Ben Herzog did a down-to-the-studs remodel of this New York kitchen.
From: Ben Herzog

Photo By: Ben Herzog

Photo By: Ben Herzog

Photo By: Ben Herzog

Photo By: Ben Herzog

From Guts to Glory

The finished product: It's perfect for cooking and gathering, with warm, classic colors and a bar that invites you to pull up a stool and chat. Photography by Marco Valencia

Gutted Kitchen

Talk about starting from scratch! The only familiar piece of this floor plan is the column.

Small But Functional

This may be a small kitchen, but it’s big on style and workspace. In addition to the counters on either side of the stove, the island houses the sink and more workspace. Photography by Marco Valencia

Dining Room Spiff-Up

The old dining room got a redo, too, opening up sightlines to the living room and the windows beyond. Photography by Marco Valencia

Cozy and Spacious

This dining room acts as both a stopping point for a meal and a pass-through from kitchen to living area. The rug defines the space while the smaller table leaves plenty of room to walk. Photography by Marco Valencia

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