Lush La Jolla Garden With Pool and Stone Archway

This lush garden in La Jolla features a path of large stones, a stone pillar entryway, wildflower plantings and a reflective swimming pool bordered by a multicolored stone wall. 

From: Bill Bocken

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

Photo By: Shelley Metcalf

A Stonework Archway Hides Inside a Lush Garden Trellis

Two stacked stone pillars supports a brown wood beam arbor in this verdant hidden entryway. The silver sheen pittosporum hedge softly hides the strong edges of the brown wood fence intended to separate the space, helping to complete a cohesive design.

A Stacked Stone Pillar Entryway to a La Jolla Garden

Oversized odd-shaped stones make for an eye-catching garden pathway on the grounds of this La Jolla, California, home. The path leads through the stonework archway of a trellis canopied and consumed by an overgrowth of wildflowers and topiary features. The multicolored stonework columns complement the textured walls of the home.

A Gravel Path Leads to a Trellis Archway in this Wild Backyard Garden

A new classical order was introduced to the existing disorganized and dysfunctional backyard of this La Jolla home. the garden's new black bottom pool with its mirror-like surface becomes the central focal point and entertainment space. intimate seating areas ,raised vegetable beds, along with a bocci and tennis court were organized with the use of thick stone walls and linear garden paths. mature specimen trees were preserved and laced to create a timeless feeling for this outdoor oasis.

A Colored Stone Wall in this La Jolla Garden Divides Sculpted Shrubs From A Bed of Wildflowers

Beds of wildflowers bloom in this La Jolla, California, garden their vivid colors set against a subdued multicolored stone wall which breaks up the landscape.

A Reflective Outdoor Swimming Provides This La Jolla Garden With Added Depth

A reflective swimming pool is bordered by a multicolored stone wall in the garden of this La Jolla, California, home. At its foot, a matching stone fireplace is situated to warm guests as they lounge on oversized wicker sofas. A trellis canopied with classically styled shrubs is a natural barrier offering additional privacy.

Multicolor Stone Work Accents A La Jolla Garden Swimming Pool and Fireplace

Faint accents of red, yellow, and blue stonework add a pop of primary color to the verdant landscape that surrounds a backyard swimming pool hidden behind a trellis brimming with sculpted overgrowth. The heavy stonework, thus lightened, reduces the weightiness of a backyard fireplace which anchors a shaded seating area filled with intricately woven wicker sofas.

A Colored Stone Fireplace Anchors The Seating Area in a La Jolla Garden Courtyard

Oversized cushioned wicker chairs shaded by a muted umbrella, offer comfort before the outdoor fireplace – with inset birdhouse – constructed in multicolored stonework. A complementary walkway borders manicured rows of shrubbery which form a perimeter around beds of wildflowers. Accent pillows on the chairs draw from the color of the surrounding greenery.

A Reflective Garden Swimming Pool Is Anchored By An Outdoor Dining Space

A luxurious outdoor dining space completes the backyard poolscape and outdoor kitchen. The perfect compliment to the built in stone features is a place to unwind, dine and relax outdoors.

An Outdoor Dining Space in a La Jolla Garden Is Canopied By Sculpted Overgrowth

Grey wicker dining chairs complement the shaded tree bark which arches over the outdoor dining table to provide natural shade, while the discoloration in the wooden tabletop perfectly complements the multicolored stonework grounds. The stonework also forms the foundation for the barbecue grill and is reflected by accent pillows dressing the chairs.

Sculpted Shrubbery and Flower Beds Divide the Swimming Pool and Bocce Court in a La Jolla Garden

A sunken bocce court is separated from the swimming pool in the backyard garden of this La Jolla, California, garden home by a curated blend of topiary, shrubbery, and beds of wildflowers. The once overgrown garden maintains its wild origins while remaining classically styled. In the background multicolored stonework walls are broken up, adding depth, color, and texture to the environment.

A Sunken Bocce Court Provides a La Jolla Garden with Active Entertainment

The garden courtyard of this La Jolla home includes a sunken bocce court which provides opportunities for active exercise and engagement with the surrounding topiary features. A colorful stone wall at the court's far end provides players with seclusion while entertaining, without hiding the verdant garden's classically sculpted features.

Textured Pathways Create Unique Spaces Throughout an Entry Garden

A formal brick pathway leads visitors through a well-manicured front garden in this transitional home. The informal gravel pathway blends with the lush green landscape, inviting visitors to explore the grounds.

A Wrought Iron Settee and Table Make A Garden More Contemplative

A cushioned wrought iron bench and folding table make for a contemplative space in the lush garden of this La Jolla, California, home. In the background a lemon tree forms a natural barrier in line with a multicolored stonework wall.

A Stone Pillared Archway and Trellis Are Canopied By Sculpted Greenery in This La Jolla Garden

The lush but overgrown garden in this La Jolla home has been reshaped with sculpted classical lines while still giving texture and depth alongside the borders of this pathway. The stone path crosses through a trellis wound with vines and a stone pillared archway canopied with lush greenery that both hides and belies the open garden courtyard set in the distance.

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