Light, Bright Transitional Home Makeover

In this light, transitional home project by designer Blanche Garcia, the homeowner got her wish for a relaxed atmosphere full of style to share with her two children and dog.
Transitional Living Room With Fireplace

Transitional Living Room With Fireplace

Photo courtesy of Madrigal Studio

Photo courtesy of Madrigal Studio

To make this home feel more relaxed and inviting, designer Blanche Garcia used soft colors, lightly-textured fabrics and a smart mix of delicate patterns. The beautiful result is a soothing transitional home with classic details and an overall feeling of comfort.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

They wanted a simple but elegant space with soothing and relaxed colors, classic profiles and family-friendly finishes.

What was the biggest issue the design addressed?

My client owns a skincare company that she mostly runs from a home office. I needed to make sure she had ample space to run a successful business while at the same time ensuring that the home didn’t look like a busy home office run amok.

Light, Airy Transitional Home Makeover

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Rest and Relaxation

To create the soothing and airy feel the homeowner requested, light colors fill the living room, while plush furnishings create a more cozy vibe.

Basic Style

It's back to the basics in this restful living space. A subtle mix of patterns and a few select accessories, such as the botanical tray and starburst mirror, keep the room simple but chic.

Built-In Beauty

A show-stopping built-in houses books, movies and accessories, leaving plenty of room for more in this warm, neutral living space.

Transitional Color Palette

Ultra-light grays and yellows play on current trends without looking stale or seasonal in this comfy transitional space.

Thought-Out Details

Delicate details in the fabric of the cream area rug and textured armchair blend beautifully together. Color and texture will also aid in hiding some dirt and stains, a fact that is important considering there are children and a dog in the home.

Smart Space

The formal dining room is kept simple with clean lines and classic furnishings. A small tray takes the place of a more cumbersome bar cart.

Alternate Lighting

A stunning light above the table blends beautifully with the patterned cafe curtains, which allow even more light to flood the casual dining space.

Soft Touch

A subtle mix of patterns in the headboard, throw pillows, bedding and curtains add a soft, textural interest to the bedroom without overwhelming the light, casual feel of the room.

White and Bright

An all-white bathroom can offer a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, but it's important to incorporate interesting design details outside of color in order to keep the room feeling stylish and fresh. Wainscoting, hexagonally shaped tile and silver accents do the trick in this quaint bathroom.

Plenty of Space

Because she works from home so often, the homeowner needed a home office that was not cramped and offered plenty of storage. A focal wall of brick is a great accent to the space, while dark wood floors are always a gorgeous feature.

Studded Seating

In the back of the spacious home office sits a cozy, studded loveseat, the perfect place for the kids to gather while mom gets some work done.

Describe an obstacle in the space.

My client’s tastes veered toward lighter tones, which are hard to keep clean with two children and a dog in the home. Using deeper and thicker base fabrics and layering lighter fabrics as accents and pillows solved our design dilemma.

How did the end result match your original vision?

I think everything looks pretty close to my original design. There were a few personal accent and furniture items that I hadn’t anticipated having to reuse, but that’s what makes the design come to life.

What lessons did you learn from this project?

I learned that if even one detail feels off, no matter how small, to follow my instinct to change it. Any time I wasn’t completely convinced on a design choice – guess what? – neither was my client. So following my design instincts are now at the top of my list.

What are the hidden gems that make a big difference?

I always make sure my seating feels comfortable by adding inches onto the depth. I like to go no less than 36 inches but no more than 42 inches for a really opulent feel.

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