Coastal, Contemporary Beach House Brings Landscape Indoors

This beach house blends coastal and contemporary styles and incorporates elements from the surrounding landscape into the decor.

Photo By: Carter Kay

Photo By: Carter Kay

Photo By: Carter Kay

Photo By: Carter Kay

Photo By: Carter Kay

Large Arched Doorway Frames Stylish White Living Room

A large arched doorway serves as a beautiful entryway into this stylish living room. The living space features a stunning fireplace with a wooden mantel, gray armchairs and an antique-style paneled mirror that mimics the shape of the doorway.

Natural Wood Mantel Features Beautiful Decor

The natural look of the wood mantel in this living room pairs well with a rustic paneled mirror and a vase of sprawling branches. A gorgeous piece of white coral completes the look, adding a coastal touch.

Coastal Contemporary Living Room Is Bright, Relaxing

Clean, contemporary lines pair with classic coastal pieces in this beautiful living room. A neutral color scheme unites the two styles, creating a cohesive atmosphere.

White Coastal Bedroom With Wooden Starburst Mirror

Contemporary touches give this coastal bedroom a fresh, updated feel. A wooden starburst mirror hangs above the upholstered bed, while a stylish leather bench rests at the end of the bed.

White Coastal Bedroom Boasts Lime Green Curtains

This gorgeous coastal bedroom features fun, bright curtains hung on an extended rod that fits the room's rounded shape. Crisp white bedding and walls keep the space feeling fresh and clean.

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