Contemporary White Bathroom

Designer Christopher Grubb uses a creamy white color palette and contemporary style to transform this dark and dated bathroom.

Before: Dated Bathroom

From the mauve walls to the black sinks, this outdated bathroom needed a new look.

After: Contemporary Vanity

A cantilevered vanity is installed to replace the floor-standing one, which lightens up the scale of the piece and also brings a contemporary look to the space.

Decorative Glass

Since privacy wasn't an issue, architectural glass is used in the shower and above the mirror to bring in natural light.

Before: Cavernous Shower

The exiting tub/shower configuration featured a large tub dam to step over, making it cumbersome to get in and out.

After: Light and Airy

Instead of the dark gray and black tiles, Grubb selects creamy white ones that really open up the shower from floor to ceiling. Decorative glass is used on one wall to bring natural light into the shower.

Textured Tiles

Mosaic tiles are inset into the shower walls to add texture and interest to the space. A handheld shower is installed above the bench seat.

Practical Niche

A small niche is added below the showerhead for handy access to shampoos and soaps.

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