Private, Tropical Backyard

Surrounded by a lush, tropical landscape, this contemporary home feels very secluded and relaxed. Take a dip in the refreshing pool or catch some sunshine in the nearby lounge chairs. Indoor-outdoor living is made possible with accordion-style doors from the living area to the backyard.

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Photo By: Tamara Alvarez

Minimalist, Contemporary Home With Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion style glass doors open up the living room and kitchen to the backyard, which features bright green landscape and a refreshing swimming pool.

Minimalist Living Room Open to Outdoors

Open and airy, the living room connects to the lush, tropical outdoors.

Tropical Backyard With Palm Trees and Lush Shrubs

Every plant that was chosen was part of a discussion as to how it related to the architecture.

Private, Tropical Backyard With Pool and Umbrella

An umbrella and surrounding trees help provide shade for the backyard, but there's also plenty of sunshine for those wanting to tan by the pool.

Entrance to Minimalist, Contemporary Home

The step up was designed to make the entrance even more dramatic and emphasized the fact that one was entering a different space.

Outdoor Dining Area With Tropical Setting

Large concrete pavers and rocks form the foundation for the patio, where one can enjoy alfresco dining in a private, tropical setting.

Outdoor Sitting Area With Fire Pit and Butterfly Chairs

A separate outdoor sitting area next to the outdoor dining area features four butterfly chairs and a concrete fire pit to keep warm after the sun goes down. Lush green plants and palm trees surround the peaceful space.

Front Exterior of Minimalist Home

The exterior walls and fences have supporting elements and were considered an extension of the house. Restricting the amount of materials and plants used was not only a reflection of how the house was designed, but also helps to create more visual space and more graphic site-lines in keeping with the style of the house.

Night Shot of Contemporary, Minimalist Home

Every aspect of the building was designed with the intention of ‘less is more’.

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