Stylish Bachelor Pad

Designer Ebonee Bachman transforms a young man's bland space into the ultimate bachelor pad, full of interesting features and stylish accessories.

Bright Bachelor Pad

To create a home that would be fun and showcase the homeowner's style, designer Ebonee Bachman chose a mix of vibrant colors and patterns to add personality and life in the once-bland apartment.

Happy Medium

Due to limitations set by the property management, only one wall in each room of the apartment could be painted and the vertical blind window treatments had to stay. To comply with these rules and still add personality, Ebonee used bright colors and custom patterned drapes.

Defined Spaces

"I decided to place an area rug in the living room over the wall-to-wall carpet to define the seating area and add color and texture to the room," explains Ebonee. "In the kitchen, I added simple swivel bar stools from the Home Decorators Collection that I had covered in a custom fabric. The ceiling lighting fixtures were also replaced with a new modern chandelier design (that can be easily removed and replaced with the old ones if the client moves out)."

Sea of Blue

Contemporary furnishings and a deep blue color palette bring a sophisticated feel to the bedroom, while lovely patterned drapes hide the basic vertical blinds.

Boring No More

This bachelor pad looks amazing in bright colors, fun fabrics and interesting patterns. According to Ebonee,"Bland spaces can be transformed by using bold colors and custom features." And that's exactly what she did!

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