Designer-Inspired Master Bedroom

Designer Ashley DeLapp created this eclectic master bedroom space based on inspiration from the client's favorite designer purse.
Gray and White Eclectic Bedroom With White Dresser

Gray and White Eclectic Bedroom With White Dresser

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

From: Evaru

When given the task to design a master bedroom based on a client's wife's favorite handbag, designer Ashley DeLapp was up for the challenge. Relying on a deep color palette paired with vibrant red and white accents, the end result is a chic space fit with an eclectic, contemporary vibe.

What were the main items on the owner’s wish list?

The homeowner wanted a master retreat, something he had never really had before. The space had been gutted, down to the subfloor, so the project was a blank slate. He wanted the room designed around a designer Henri Bendel clutch he had bought for his wife: a dark palette with a sophisticated lounge feel.

Eclectic Black and Red Master Bedroom

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Before: Bare Bones

Funky Side Tables

Floor Choices

Artistic Reflection

Inspired Drapery

Red, Black & Chic All Over

Textured Furniture

Overhead Lighting

What was the single-largest issue you wanted to address for the owner?

The biggest issue was the size of the room. For a master bedroom, it was definitely on the small side. There was only one uninterrupted wall, which created a challenge with furniture placement. Luckily, the only plain wall was across from the entry door and it became the feature wall of the room.

What was your biggest obstacle in this space?

The biggest obstacle was fitting in all the furniture elements that my client wanted in such a cut-up room. The ceiling height was also very low, just under 8-feet tall. The only uninterrupted wall was the logical place to locate the bed, and I made sure the bedside tables fit the space perfectly; there wasn’t one wasted inch of space. Adding molding to the feature wall behind the headboard helped draw your eye up, giving the illusion of a taller ceiling.

How does the end result match up with your original vision?

There was one major snag in the plan: I almost had to change the bedside tables because the vendor sent a pair that had some damage and they were the last pair available. I had my master carpenter work his magic, and we were able to salvage the tables. My client loved those striped bedside tables, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

What surprised you the most about this project?

I learned how to design a very masculine space without it feeling too macho for the client’s wife. Keeping a balance of light and dark elements was really important, and the brass details throughout the room added just enough sparkle without taking away from the sophisticated lounge vibe the husband was after.

What are the “hidden gems” in your plan?

Definitely adding the molding to the feature wall –– it just gave life to a space with no architectural interest. The window panels were another successful touch. The custom striped panels tie the color scheme together and add such a graphic punch. I will definitely do that on a project again.

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