Contemporary, Colorful Playroom

Designer Lindsey Hayes creates a vibrant, eclectic playroom for a family of five who wanted a place to entertain, play video games, hang out and relax.
From: Evaru

A Playroom Full of Color

"The Pack family of five wanted a room where everyone could hang out, watch movies and play games," explains designer Lindsey Hayes. "They wanted a place for everyone to sit. The teens wanted a cool hang out room where they could play video games with their friends. They wanted the room to be fun for everyone."

Mix and Match

To match the brown leather chair the homeowners wanted to keep in the newly-decorated playroom, Lindsey had the chairs and sofa reupholstered in neutral shades that would be sure to last.

A Colorful Creation

Light walls and floors are accentuated by pops of color found in the pillows, artwork and green shag area rug.

Neutral Furnishings

The newly upholstered furniture in this bright playroom can be easily altered and updated by changing out the throw pillows.

Industrial Lighting

The majority of the lighting in the room is supplied by this very cool industrial-style ceiling light, a trendy look that really adds to the playroom's charm.

Foot Stool Fun

"I decided to add in a pair of fun foot stools that are covered in colorful recycled tin," says Lindsey. "This really added that pop that I needed on the big green shag rug."

Room for Everybody

A jersey hanging on the wall and a bookshelf packed with games sets the stage for this fun and entertaining space. Plenty of seating a comfy shag rag underfoot ensure everyone is always comfortable in the colorful hangout.

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