Living Room With a Modern Twist

Designer Gioi Tran transforms a formal living room into a modern and bold expression of the homeowner's style and personality.


Photo Courtesy of Christopher Stark

From: Gioi Tran

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Stark

By: Jeannie Matteucci
From: Gioi Tran

Designer Gioi Tran of Applegate Tran Interiors of San Francisco redesigned a formal living room to match the vibrant and colorful personality of the homeowner. Tran, and partner Vern Applegate, traded the room's conservative design for modern, bold styling.

Tran shares how they made the space a functional place for relaxing and nighttime entertaining with plenty of glitz and glamour.

What was foremost on the owner's wish list for this remodel?

The living room was outdated and too formal for the client's lifestyle. We opted for a modern, informal look that could be practical for everyday use and dramatic for nighttime entertaining.

Glitz and Glam Living Room

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Bold Focal Point

The eye-catching Caesarstone fireplace surround makes a stunning focal point in this modern living room.

From: Gioi Tran

No Excitement

While attractive, the existing formal living room was too traditional for this homeowner.

Fun Element

A couple of sculptural white ribbon chairs give this bold, modern living room personality.

From: Gioi Tran

Playful Layers

Furry side chairs add a touch of fun and texture.

From: Gioi Tran

Colorful Palette

Cool grey paint was used throughout the updated home. It was mixed with accents of orange, blue and deep aubergine.

From: Gioi Tran

What were the main issues that you faced during this makeover?

Time always seems to be a main issue during remodels. It always takes longer than is expected, so you want to set a reasonable deadline. It’s best not to schedule a project to be done in time for a planned event as this adds unneeded stress.

What did you learn from this project that can be used for future remodels?

Our main objective was to match the homeowner's vibrant and stylish personality with the new décor. We decided to use modern, bold sculptural elements in addition to layering exotic textures and patterns. The look is extremely personalized to reflect the client's taste and it works beautifully.

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