Cool Bachelor Pad With Contemporary Style

Designer Hubert May pulls out all the stops to give his client the simple, clean bachelor pad he had hoped for.

Photo By: Brian Landis ©Scripps Networks, LLC

Photo By: Brian Landis ©Scripps Networks, LLC

©Scripps Networks, LLC

©Scripps Networks, LLC

Photo By: Brian Landis ©Scripps Networks, LLC

Photo By: Brian Landis ©Scripps Networks, LLC

Photo By: Brian Landis ©Scripps Networks, LLC

©Scripps Networks, LLC

Blank Canvas

A very basic before leaves plenty of room for improvement as designer Hubert May works with his client to find a vision for the space and ultimately create a stylish, simple bachelor pad.

Contemporary Cool

A soft blue accent wall sets the tone for the simple, calm living space. A contemporary sofa is both comfortable and stylish and definitely brings in the cool factor the client was hoping for.

Glass Act

Due to lack of space, a glass coffee table was the perfect choice in the contemporary living room. Not only does it look beautiful on top of the shag area rug, it also creates the illusion of more space.

Pillows Talk

An unexpected mix of throw pillows is a fun way to add a whimiscal touch to the room. Faux fur adds texture and warmth, while a pretty floral pattern lends a feminine softness to the more masculine space.

Got to Have Games

"The linear nature of the space was the biggest issue," explains Hubert. "It made furniture placement a challenge. We ran new electrical/cable outlets to allow for the desired TV and game system location."

Color Pops

Because the client has children who love to visit, fun pops of color and interesting art come together to add warmth and fun to the space.

Dining in Style

Leading off from the living room is a cozy dining space big enough for four. The Little People Screen covering the heating vent is an interesting addition that aids in the transition from dining to living room.

Dining Details

Hanging above the table is a stunning chandelier that is sure to enhance any dining experience. A unique horse hair rug beneath the table adds to the home's masculine charm.

Orchid Alcove

"The client loves orchids, so I decided to place a pop of color behind it," says Hubert.

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