Tiny Apartment Therapy

Designer Jarret Yoshida remodels a small New York City studio with modern finishes and creative storage solutions.
By: Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien

Streamlined Kitchen Design

Modern, clean lines help the tiny kitchen appear larger. The streamlined cabinets lack hardware, and the color palette is simply white and wood. Even the clear plexiglass kitchen stools help make the space appear open. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Small Appliances

Because of the tight quarters in the apartment, designer Jarret Yoshida sourced small appliances that would fit well in the studio's kitchen. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Turning Problems into Solutions

The kitchen storage tower is a design solution that does double-duty — it hides the ugly heating pipe and creates additional storage space. The self-closing drawers hold utensils for easy access while eating at the counter. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Double-Duty Sofa

This custom-built sectional provides loads of seating as well as a bed for houseguests — the sofa was designed to sleep two. Guests can also sit on the wide sofa back. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Art Treasure

The large charcoal artwork in the living space is by Josh Bricker, whose work is exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Tight Sleeping Quarters

A readymade bed was painted and built-in to look like custom cabinetry. Airy, floral curtains separate the bed from the rest of the apartment

Make the Walls Work

Mounted custom shelves create display space as well as a functional desk for the owner. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

Before the Remodel

The apartment was bland and full of dated finishes before the remodel. Photography by Anastassios Mentis

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