Bathroom Retreat With TV and Soaking Tub

How do you make a bathroom a go-to retreat? Include what most homeowners want most—a tub to spend time soaking in, a shower for quick cleansing, good big mirrors, great lighting, and a soothing palette!
By: Keri Sanders and Barbara Ballinger
From: Joan Suzio

Photo By: Norman Sizemore / Mary Beth Price

Photo By: Norman Sizemore / Mary Beth Price

Photo By: Norman Sizemore / Mary Beth Price

Basic Before Shower

Before the remodel, the shower was small and lackluster, with frosted glass walls and a basic showerhead.
From: Joan Suzio

Spacious Shower With Niche

By tucking the curved freestanding tub into a corner by the window, designer Joan Suzio was able to capture space for the walk-in shower. A niche recessed in the wall is a tidy spot to place shampoos and soaps to keep them off the floor or bench. Although a curbless shower with zero threshold was desired, the curb helps keep water off the bathroom floor.
From: Joan Suzio

Blah Tub Before

The before bathtub took up a lot of visual space, while the outdated valance on the window blocked natural light, making the room appear even smaller.
From: Joan Suzio

Stylish Space With Contemporary Tub

A blue-green paint color—similar to the ocean—was used on the walls for this water-pampering space. The contemporary tub provides more room for a larger shower, and the Roman shades are adjustable to let more or less light in. A flat-screen TV mounted to the wall for long soaks is the perfect touch for this relaxing space.
From: Joan Suzio

Style-less Vanity Before

A boring white vanity with a large frameless mirror offers very little character to the room.
From: Joan Suzio

Serene Bathroom With Double Vanity

A stunning double vanity with warm wooden cabinets and a white countertop looks elegant, while providing plenty of storage in this transitional bathroom.
From: Joan Suzio

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