Farmhouse on the Outside, Contemporary Home on the Inside

Designer Joseph Stabilito gives a Pennsylvania farmhouse a fresh makeover that keeps the exterior true to its country roots while giving the interior a fresh, contemporary update.

Farmhouse Roots

A traditional farmhouse on the outside, this Pennsylvania home is gorgeous in white and stone with a pop of red on the cellar doors.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Serenity Spa

Modern accessories and intricate gray tile work create a clean, calming atmosphere in this contemporary bathroom.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Heart of the Home

A mix of task and ambient lighting make cooking a breeze in this green farmhouse kitchen. The island is concrete, while the counter is made of beautiful honed black granite. The walnut stools were a souvenir the homeowner brought back from Italy. One of the best features in the kitchen is the stone hearth and pizza oven, the perfect component for a man who loves to entertain.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Most Important Meal of the Day

An L-shaped wooden bench provides plenty of room for guests to enjoy a snack in this quaint country breakfast nook.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Open Storage

His-and-hers sinks take advantage of this spacious bathroom layout, while smart storage is incorporated through the use of an open shelf beneath the counter.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Cozy by the Fire

A large double-sided stone fireplace opens to the main entrance and the family room, which is adorned in simple, contemporary furnishings. A walnut couch, stone coffee table and geometric area rug tie the room together.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Curl Up With a Book

A contemporary sitting area houses a metal side table that resembles a stump and a chair by the window – the perfect place to read. Task lighting makes it possible to continue reading late into the night.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Pleasant Surprise

In this master bathroom, a stone wall was first perceived as a problem since it didn't go with the overall sleek feel the designer was going for. In the end, however, the wall became the perfect spot for the vanity, and a lit seamless mirror was used to make the wall a focal point in the space.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Hang Up Your Hat

This large bathroom features plenty of wall hooks for bathrobes and towels. A cushioned bench coordinates nicely with the spacious soaking tub.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Only the Best

A roomy glass shower is home to modern appliances and beautiful tile.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Welcoming Entrance

A stone fireplace offers a warm welcome in the entryway, while a colorful rug gives off a cozy, inviting feel.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Sit Back and Relax

Charming lanterns from Holly Hunt line the entryway, and a bookshelf with padded seating placed on top was turned into a relaxing place to sit back, read a book and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Comfy and Calm

Neutral but contrasting colors were used in the bedroom to maintain a simple, yet still interesting, vibe. Fuzzy pillows and plenty of blankets ensure this farmhouse bedroom is always nice and cozy.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Mixing Styles

A simple white dresser from Desiron was custom designed for the master bedroom. Sculptures showcasing natural elements in a modern design are the perfect representions of the transitional design style featured in this formerly traditional farmhouse.
From: Joseph Stabilito

Room for All

A light, open living room and a smart layout that fascilitates conversation is a great place to relax or entertain.
From: Joseph Stabilito

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