Warm, Modern Kitchen

Designer Kerrie Kelly shares her story of a sleek kitchen remodel that features hands-free conveniences, beautiful cabinetry and even a library ladder.
Contemporary Kitchen With Walnut Cabinetry

Contemporary Kitchen With Walnut Cabinetry

By: Chelsey Bowen

From: Kerrie Kelly

Working with a budget of $35,000, designer Kerrie Kelly combined smart storage solutions and contemporary style with floor-to-ceiling walnut cabinetry for this Sacramento, Calif., kitchen design.

Describe the homeowners' wish list.

The overall objective for the project was to design a layout that served the wife, who is a master baker, and the husband, who had to build it to specification.

The homeowners opted for stainless steel appliances, walnut cabinets, low-maintenance solid surfaces and hands-free conveniences such as a pop-up mixing stand and touchless faucet.

Contemporary Baker's Kitchen

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Before: Outdated Kitchen

After: Sleek yet Welcoming Kitchen

Modern Luxuries

Contemporary Simplicity

What were the homeowners' design problems?

Stripped down to the studs, this Carmichael stunner took some homework to reach its kitchen completion. While layout, materials, lighting, plumbing and appliances were specified by Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, we also worked hand-in-hand with the homeowner, who served as the contractor, to create space that was reflective of the residents and their interests.

What lessons did you learn?

It surprised and delighted our whole team that our homeowners installed every little detail we recommended. It was great that our client took the road map we provided through the drawings and color boards and was able to use it as a tool to complete their design vision. We are even more assured that other clients are capable of the same wonderful results.

What was your biggest obstacle in this space?

With livability being an objective, the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab team wanted to provide storage for the homeowner to stow away all of her holiday dishes and Le Creuset cookware. The only option was to go up, which created a great opportunity to incorporate a functional library ladder.

How does the end result match up with your original vision?

Luckily, this homeowner/builder followed the specification to a tee to create a hub for entertaining, baking and enjoying.

What are the "hidden gems"?

Special features include ladder access to cabinets up above to accommodate an overflowing dish collection, a pop-up mixing stand to eliminate the schlepping of the heavy standing mixer and touchless faucets that can be used when our baker is covered in flour and batter.

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