Contemporary Kitchen Remodel With a Rustic Touch

Designer Lauren Bland takes a cluttered, beige disaster of a kitchen and turns it into a spacious, organized beauty, complete with unexpected features and stunning woodland views.

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

Photo By: Lauren Levant Bland

A Cluttered Mess

A messy, chaotic before shot demonstrates why the homeowners craved more storage and organization. Plus, the beige-on-beige coloring was not doing the room any favors.

Room by Room

Before, the kitchen's chaos spilled over into the dining and living room, a situation designer Lauren Bland hoped to give a more seamless transition.

Rustic, Contemporary Kitchen

After the remodel, this once-cluttered kitchen is a vision in white and brown, boasting a stunning wooden island, sparkling white cabinets and plenty of storage.

Storage as Far as the Eye Can See

Beautiful upper and lower cabinets offer tons of storage and are the ideal place for the homeowners to hide snacks, dishes and appliances. At 24" deep, these cabinets are designed to keep clutter at bay.

White and Brown Kitchen

To carry out the white and brown theme of this contemporary kitchen, the cabinets and hutch were painted bright white, while a wooden island and dining table bring in a more rustic look to the space.

Extra Kitchen Storage

A pretty corner hutch houses cookbooks and other essentials.

Cooking and Entertaining in One

Lauren was careful to make sure the cooking range in the new kitchen was facing out to the dining and living areas, so that the cook can prepare a meal and join in during social events.

Unexpected Kitchen Combination

"Most clients (and designers) might be afraid to put a powerful gas range top into a handmade wood countertop (flames and wood are not usually friends)," says designer Lauren Bland. "And yet, thanks to careful engineering, this is now one of the most exciting elements in the space. It taught me to never assume that something is 'too crazy.'"

Going Green in Kitchen Furnishings

Live-edge furniture is characterized by the rough edge that adds interest and texture to the furniture. This particular piece of wood is black walnut and made from local, fallen trees that were reclaimed.

Design Is in the Details

The stunning details in this reclaimed black walnut kitchen island add plenty of visual interest to the kitchen and give a rustic flair to the overall contemporary space.

Wining and Dining

A built-in wine fridge is a great addition to a kitchen island that makes the most of available space.