California Estate Blends Indoor, Outdoor Living in Style

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects created a California estate that is indoor-outdoor living at its best. Glass walls in nearly each home of the house slide fully open to blend the luxurious contemporary interiors and surrounding grounds seamlessly.

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Photo By: Ciro Coelho

Modern Home Exterior and Courtyard at Night

With thoughtful landscape lighting and huge window walls that open up to allow easy access to the courtyard, this home is a blissful retreat day or night.

Elegant Modern Kitchen and Dining Area With Wood Table

High ceilings and open doorways make this modern kitchen and dining area feel expansive and airy. Simple, crisp design lines accent this mood, while rich wood details and furnishings warm up the space.

Asian-Inspired Courtyard and Fountain

Indoors and outdoors seamlessly blend at this gorgeous home. Doors slide back to open the interior up to the beautifully landscaped Asian-inspired courtyard with its fountain and concrete walkways.

Open Plan Dining Room With Courtyard Access

Equally stunning night or day, this incredible modern dining area brings the outdoors in with wide open doorways that beckon guests into the meticulously landscaped garden beyond.

Asian Garden With Fountain and Gravel

A rectangular fountain brings energy and soothing sound to this serene Asian-inspired garden. The surrounding area is a mix of lawn and gravel beds, a visually compelling blend of textures.

Asian Garden With Gravel Beds and Pond

Step out the door into the peaceful Asian-inspired garden of this modern home. Concrete slabs create walkways and a bridge across the rectangular pond. Gravel beds and ornamental grasses keep the landscaping low maintenance.

Garden View of Home Exterior and Living Area

Indoors and outdoors become one and the same in this beautiful home where large window walls open up to turn the garden into an easy extension of the living area.

Sophisticated Living Room With Brown Leather Armchairs

Open concept design is at its most sophisticated in this transitional living and kitchen area. The side walls disappear to encourage easy flow between the home's interior and garden, while rich furnishings and a large fireplace indoors offer up every comfort and luxury.

Modern Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen and Living Area

The walls between this gorgeous modern kitchen and living area and its stunning adjacent garden fade away to combine the spaces with ease. Indoors? Outdoors? Why not both?

Contemporary Living and Dining Area Opens up to Garden

Kitchen, dining and living areas seamlessly blend together in this gorgeous contemporary setting. Huge window walls open up to create easy flow between the home's interior and beautifully landscaped exterior.

Modern Kitchen Island With Courtyard Access

Imagine whipping up breakfast with this gorgeous garden view. The clean, rectangular lines of the kitchen island pull the eye into the adjacent courtyard where a wide-open doorway gracefully connects indoors and outdoors.

Modern Gray Bathroom With Soaking Tub

Chic, modern style meets spa-level luxury in this stunning bathroom. Textured gray tiles cover the walls and floor. A large freestanding soaking tub waits to easy worldly worries away.

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