Cottage-Style Cabin

This tiny cottage-style cabin from Paige Morse makes great use of available space and features nature-themed eclectic decor such as a framed leaf and a hanging stick.

From: Paige Morse

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An exterior shot of this tiny slice of paradise showcases the floor-to-ceiling windows and the front door trimmed in white. Semicircular planted areas feature short shrubs that add appeal without taking over the exterior of the house. The black paint is a bold finish against the lush, natural surroundings.

Bright, Eclectic Living Room With Exposed Ceiling Beams

A sofa draped in white blankets matches the bright white look of the walls and ceiling in this small and stylish living room. The black floor is a lovely, bold contrast. A striped runner follows the flow of the floor and aims toward a leaning ladder adorned with textiles. A gorgeous shell chandelier adds a unique detail, while plants add vibrant, natural color.

Bright Living Room With Seashell Chandelier, Twin End Tables and White Decor

A gorgeous seashell chandelier grabs attention and adds great texture and neutral color to the stark white setting of this living room. A blanket-draped sofa is finished with a patterned throw pillow. Two coffee tables break up the black floor space with the wood tops complementing the natural decorative elements by the window.

Breezy White Bedroom Feels Whimsical, Feminine

The handmade bedspread brings a soft pattern and texture to this bedroom. A unique rock light fixture hangs above the bed, which is decorated with a wood breakfast tray and patterned throw pillows. A wood chair with a hot pink pillow adds a bright pop of color against the neutral and white tones. Fresh flowers and sheer curtains complete the look.

Bright, Country-Style Kitchen With Open Shelving

This small kitchen uses a retro black mini fridge, a small fitted stove and a combination of cabinets and open shelving to be fully functional without feeling claustrophobic. Natural light floods in from the window and bounces off the bright white walls, ceiling and marble countertop. Bowls of fruit and a collection of fresh flowers bring natural color to the room.

Corner Milk Glass Display in White Country Kitchen

Corner shelves maximize space by storing and displaying a milk glass collection in this small kitchen. Fresh flowers, fruit and eggs bring bright, natural color that pops against the stark white background. A tarnished watering can used as a vase and a natural wood cutting board are beautiful country touches.

Charming Country-Style Kitchen Decor

A white shelf and wall create a clean backdrop for this stylish, country-inspired display. Tarnished utensils and natural decor pop against the bright background. A dotted white vase and a silver bowl holding a set of antlers bring beautiful texture to the small display.

Glass Bottle Grouping With Feather Display

Three cloudy glass bottles are situated at the corner of this crisp white shelf. White feathers tied to sticks create faux arrows for a rustic feel, and a spotted feather complements the black and white spotted seashell. The accessories add understated but stylish decoration to the white backdrop.

Black Country-Style Chair Adorned With Neutral Textiles

A pile of textiles from Mexico cushions the seat of this black wood chair. Antlers sit on top of the textiles, turning the setup into a display. The black chair blends with the black flooring and pops against the white walls and white sheer curtains. A small, simple plant print is taped above, adding a little color.

Hanging Stick Offers Creative Clothing Storage

This rustic twist on a closet shows a creative way to keep clothes organized without a traditional closet space. A stick is hung from the ceiling with white ribbon, creating a hanging bar. The hanging clothes add bright color to the white surroundings.

Front Entry With Makeshift Mudroom, Hanging Stick and Ladder Shelf

A stick strung to the exposed ceiling beams creates a simple but attractive hanging rack for coat and clothes storage next to the black front door. Free floor space between the wall and the striped black and white rug is perfect for setting aside boots, creating a homemade mudroom. A wood ladder leaning against the wall displays a tapestry collection adding neutral tones and great texture to the space.

Chic Country Workspace With Contemporary Flair

A black rug with thin white stripes works perfectly with the crisp white walls and black floor. A small white desk with black trim and a black chair create a workspace, while trinkets, books and flowers add color and personality. A white shelf blends into the wall and supports extra decor to break up the wall space.

Patterned Black and White Chest Pops in White Room

A gorgeous black and white chest wows in this room with white walls and a black floor. White stripes on the black rug run perpendicular to the exposed beams in the ceiling. A collection of distressed frames breaks up the stark wall. Fresh, bright greens add gorgeous color among the decorative trinkets including books and an array of vases.

Unique White Vase With Fern

This intriguing white vase features a circle of faces. The fern planted inside adds great natural color. The statement piece fits well atop the ornamental black and white bone chest. 

Country-Inspired Accessories Adorn White Desk

A clean white backdrop allows the decorative details to shine with hints of country style. Black and white spotted feathers add beautiful, natural decoration to the desk, and a neutral tapestry with tassels creates a focal point on the wall.

Distressed Wood Picture Frame Displays Dried Leaves

This display brings true country style to the space. A heavily distressed wood frame retains small chips of white paint, tying it to the white backdrop. Small clothespins on a strand of twine display a large leaf with smaller surrounding pieces. Below, a baby blue vase holds a gorgeous bouquet of white and pink flowers. 

Portrait Art Enlivens Crisp White Walls

A patterned black and white dresser looks beautiful against the solid white wall in this country-style home. Two female portraits and some smaller decorative frames hang on the wall. A bowl of pebbles and a glass water jug with a stem of leaves bring a touch of nature and color to the space.

Bright Country Bathroom With Book-Page Wall Decor & Skirted Sink

Careful attention to design ensured that this already-small bathroom would not feel closed in. Wine boxes add beautiful, warm color and create easy storage. A skirt for the sink provides extra storage underneath, and the pages of an old book are taped to the wall for inexpensive and effective decoration.

Pocket Door Into Small Yet Bright Bathroom

A pocket door offers a space-conscious, seamless transition into the bathroom. Black flooring outside the bathroom creates a bold contrast against the white walls. Moving into the bathroom, tile flooring complements the neutral stripes at the bottom of the shower curtain. An African basket provides stylish laundry storage, and open shelves save space while keeping things organized.

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