Traditional Elegant Master Bathroom

Designer Peter Salerno uses classic cabinetry, stunning architectural details and a creamy white color palette to transform this bathroom into the ultimate retreat.
Ornate Cream and Gold Bathroom

Ornate Cream and Gold Bathroom

This designer bathroom combines luxury, style and function. With features like an oversized soaking tub and makeup vanity, the master bathroom is a spa-like getaway.

By: Chelsey Bowen

Designer Peter Salerno combines luxury, style and function to create an elaborate bathroom for the lady of the house. With features like an oversized soaking tub and a makeup vanity, the bathroom is the homeowner's spa-like getaway.

Peter shares with us what the biggest design problems were and how he solved each one.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

The objective of this master bathroom design was to create the homeowner's dream bathroom. She had pulled more than 50 photographs from national and international magazines depicting elements she loved. This grand master bath was to be dedicated solely to her. It had to be not only spectacular, but functional as well.

Master Bathroom With Romantic Style

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Dreamy Design

The grand master bathroom is completely designed to be the homeowner's dream space. Complete with an oversized tub, makeup vanity and even a flattering lighting plan, designer Peter Salerno was able to achieve exactly what she wanted.

Soft and Feminine

Gold and crystal accents bring a glamorous touch into the space. All the design elements, from the cabinetry and countertops to the light fixtures, have a soft curve to them, evoking a romantic, feminine environment.

Photo By: Peter Rymwid

Relaxing Tub

The showpiece of the space is the large corner tub that is flanked by two columns and large windows. A soffit is built over the area to visually brings the eye down. To soften the windows, Salerno uses an elegant swag and jabot combination in the same creamy tone of the wall.

Simple Color Scheme

The entire space features a creamy white palette, allowing the elaborate trim work and architectural details to be the true focus of the design.

What were the homeowner's design problems?

There were three design challenges with this project. First, the entrance to the bath from the master bedroom was a little tight. Second, the room height was nearly 10 feet. A room that is too tall may cause the scale of the cabinetry to be distorted, especially in the bathroom. Third, the overhead light source in the main vanity might be too far away if placed in the ceiling.

How did you solve the design issues?

The design solution for the tight entrance was addressed by making the cabinet to the right of the sink shallower to allow better clearance. We created the same look to the left in order to balance the unit. The 10-foot ceiling was lowered over the corner tub with a soffit. The vanity and the makeup area were tiered below the soffit level to soften the overall feel of the space.

A shallow arched soffit over the mirror in the main vanity was created to house three low-voltage lights. This brought the light in front of the homeowner, giving an ideal light source. Wall sconces created extra side lighting and an element of elegance.

What are the "hidden gems"?

Removable doors are installed on the tub fascia for tub maintenance.

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