Metallic Condo With Art Deco Inspiration

Like its Las Vegas location, this condo is all about glamour. From the textured silver walls to the rich wood accents to the skyline views, this space designed by Preston Lee is as deserving of attention as its glamorous city setting.

Photo By: Matt Dayka

Photo By: Matt Dayka

Photo By: Matt Dayka

Silver Contemporary Living Room With Las Vegas Skyline View

The metallic gleam of the sofa plays off the textured silver walls in this contemporary art deco-influenced living room. Large windows allow for a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas skyline.

Luxe Gray Art Deco Bedroom With Metallic Finishes & Striped Carpet

With eye-catching patterns and metallic finishes, this art deco bedroom effuses luxury and extravagance. Rich wood accents provide stunning contrast against the room's charcoal, silver and black color palette.

Sleek Modern Kitchen With Stunning Stone Island

A spunky silver chandelier illuminates this kitchen with style and pizzazz. Sleek metallic finishes reflect light, giving the space an airy feel despite the heavy stone island.

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