Bold and Vivacious Guest Bath

Designer Rebecca Hawkins uses lively, graphic wallpaper and sleek cabinetry to design a colorful, modern look for this outdated guest bathroom.
By: Lydia Somerville

Eye-Catching Design

Vivacious graphic wallpaper is paired with sleek, sophisticated cabinetry for a striking impression.

Sleek and Sophisticated

Bone sconces add sparkle to the wall while graphic grass-cloth wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries makes a breathtaking statement in the remodeled guest bath.

Sophisticated Shower

The old bathtub was replaced with a chic walk-in shower. The glass door visually disappears giving the room a larger feel.

Spa Details

Rich, blue toned tile is used for the floor and shower and inspired the choice of wallpaper.

Stimulating Accents

Lively graphics are mounted in vintage frames and hung on the wall for a kick of color.

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