Rustic Transitional Kitchen

Designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz relied on a multi-colored rustic design to create a transitional kitchen and living area.

Multi-Purpose Space

The new kitchen allows room for food preparation, storage and even an eat-in dining area.

Mix-and-Match Colors

Designer Richard T. Anuszkiewicz used a variety of bold colors on the kitchen island and cabinetry to create a lively design.

Country Appeal

The green-gray tone of some of the kitchen cabinets adds a rustic look to the space.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead pendant lights illuminate the kitchen island.

Drawer Space

Spacious drawers make it easy to organize kitchen tools and appliances.

Room for More

Convenient storage in the kitchen pantry and refrigerator allow for plenty of room to store food items.

Convenient Stove Faucet

A faucet above the stove makes it easy to fill pots with water.

Hidden Refrigerator

A refrigerator enclosed by cabinets creates a seamless kitchen design.

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Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Costs

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