Black and White Contemporary Living Room

For a family who loves to watch TV, the television goes front and center in the living room. The designer used it as a jumping off point for the rest of the room, refining the tv's boxy look with gray textured wallpaper and hourglass-shaped sconces and echoing the black in other accents.

Flat Light and Fun Rug in Hallway Leading to Little Girl's Nursery

The hallway that enters this nursery is not exempt from the elegant design. A flat light fixture is used in this space to minimize the effect of the low ceiling and allow for plenty of room to open the closet doors. A hop scotch rug leading from the heart of the nursery to the door adds a fun little touch to this space.

Bookshelf with Bin Storage for Toys

Storage and organization are essential in a child's room. When toys are grouped together, it makes playtime and clean up more manageable. This bookcase from Land of Nod does double duty, offering bin storage below for stuff animals.

Owl Mobile Above Window in Girl's Nursery

This cute owl mobile hangs above the large window to give it a nice little pop of color, as well as tie it into the room's design. The owls were hand stitched and tacked behind the trim so that they could be suspended in the air, adding a pinch of whimsy to this sweet space.

Blue Kitchen and Midcentury Dining Room

In this open concept apartment, the designer cleverly used color to help define different areas. Gorgeous sapphire blue paint covers the walls and ceiling in the entryway and kitchen. As you move into the living areas, the walls shift to shimmery wallpaper.

Black Art Deco Bedroom With Lucite Console

The owner of this bedroom wanted a tv; black wallpaper helps camouflage it. The wallpaper seams turned out to look awkward, so to hide them, the designer cleverly added thin, black molding to give the walls a paneled look.

Black and White Contemporary Living and Dining Room

Huge windows showcase this apartment's gorgeous city view and fill the living and dining rooms with light.

Contemporary Master Bedroom With Guitars

In an urban apartment, putting things up on the walls is a handy space saver! In this bedroom, guitars and a tv are hung opposite the bed and balanced out by a grouping of art by the door.

Photo By: Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin

Midcentury Modern Dining Table and Chairs

To make this dining area friendly and not overbearing, the designer chose a smaller midcentury modern table and dining chairs.

Photo By: Alexey Gold-Dvoryadkin

Black and White Art Deco Bedroom With City View

In a black and white room, try different textures and shades of white to give the space depth and visual interest. This glam bedroom features silk wallpaper and bed linens, a sheepskin rug and a furry armchair.

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