Casual, Eclectic Family Room

Designer Sandy Kozar uses creative furniture arranging and a subtle southwestern design motif to create a cozy living room.
By: Barbara Ballinger
From: Sandy Kozar

Smart Furniture Placement

By angling furniture into the room, designer Sandy Kozar whose Decorating Den Interiors firm is based in Knoxville, Tenn., used more of the space and created an intimate conversation grouping. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

Casual Hangout

Blue painted walls add a sharp accent against the beige carpeting. The TV placed atop a credenza rather than on the wall avoids it overtaking the space. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

Coordinating Shapes

The shape of the taller Wingback chairs works with the lower sofa because of a shared commonality of curved forms — in the chairs' rolled outer edges and the sofa's rolled arms. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

Better Traffic Flow

By angling the furniture grouping into the room, Kozar reserved enough space for an entertainment unit along one wall, so that it can be used without traffic getting in the way of conversations. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

Shared Color Scheme

Curtains, pillows and an area rug have different patterns but work together well because of shared red-and-blue palette. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

All in the Details

Using nailheads discreetly on a handsome sofa adds a luxurious detail for its classic shape — the equivalent of one great piece of jewelry for a little black dress. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

Lively Color Palette

Kozar used deep red and a pale yet rich blue to enliven the space, but they stop from overpowering the room by her using pale beige upholstery and similar colored carpeting. Photography by Edie Ellison
From: Sandy Kozar

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