Vibrant Contemporary Living Space

This cool contemporary living and dining space is perfect for entertaining or a lazy afternoon. Bright colors keep the mood both lively and cheerful.

Photo By: Sarah Stacey

Photo By: Sarah Stacey

Photo By: Sarah Stacey

Vibrant Contemporary Living Room

This cool contemporary living room is perfect for lounging around, relaxing or even entertaining guests. The vibrant colors give it a lively feel no matter the occasion.

Contemporary Living Room with Bohemian Art

Designer Sarah Stacey adds an unexpected touch to this contemporary, bohemian living room by hanging a multicolored rug on the wall. The piece makes an easy focal point to the room and accents the simple blue sofa.

Contemporary Living Room with Bohemian Rug

This cool contemporary living room with a bohemian vibe trades in traditional art for a graphic rug to hang on the wall.

Blue Dining Room with Industrial Chandelier

An industrial chandelier illuminates this simple dining room table and offsets the soft, feminine touches underneath.

Contemporary Blue Dining Room Adds Fun Flair with Art

With a cool blue backdrop, this contemporary dining room quickly gets your attention. Traditional touches adorn the table while modern art hangs above to add a fun element to a typically sophisticated space.

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