Picturesque Lawn + Garden

Despite the declining lot, Scenic Landscaping was able to create an exquisite front lawn and backyard garden complete with custom stonework and bright blooms.

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Photo By: Heather Knapp

Gorgeous Front Lawn Landscape

Due to the decline in the property, the front walkways and landscape had to be designed and built to help transition the grade. Curb appeal from the road is created with a professionally maintained front lawn.

Walkway With Beautiful Landscaping

Stone walkways leading around the home are all meticulously landscaped and maintained with bursts of colors and textures.

Bright and Beautiful Landscaping

Lush plants and colorful flowers surround the stone staircase that leads to the back garden.

Entrance to Backyard

A custom staircase was built for grade change, allowing an entry to the backyard garden space.

Pergola Seating Area

The back patio with a fireplace and pergola is surrounded by dense landscape to give the space an enclosed feeling. This area of the backyard is great in every season. The fireplace adds an element of warmth in the cooler months.

Garden Fountain Feature

A lovely water fountain centers the garden, adding a beautiful final touch to the design.

Lush Landscape and Planters

The homeowners wanted to create a landscape that would thrive and evolve in each season. They wanted to use plantings to screen themselves from neighbors and the street. There are many planters throughout this property that are created and rotated throughout each season to bring extra color and vibrant elements.

Garden Fountain Feature

Using a water fountain in the center of a garden adds a beautiful element and focal point. This water fountain creates a tranquil sound to be enjoyed while anywhere in the backyard area.

Custom Stone Stairs Lead to Backyard

A pathway to the back garden is provided by this custom stone staircase that is surrounded by lush and beautiful landscaping.

Front Walkway With Lush Landscaping

The various shaded/sun spots throughout the property required special attention to detail when choosing the large variety of plants surrounding the walkways and landscape.

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