Sloping Stone Path Leads to State of the Art Versatile Out Building

A sloping stone path leads from the main house to the out building. The upper level serves as a detached garage with stairs leading from the garage down to a state of the heart home gym. Atop the home gym is an open air balcony that overlooks tennis courts creating a versatile building.

Gym with Multi-Glass Sliding Door Opening Onto Tennis Courts

The stairs in this two story outbuilding lead down to a fully equipped gym that can easily transform into a party area. A large, multi-glass sliding door that completely retracts leads out onto the tennis courts creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Balcony Adds Even More Versatility to This Space

The balcony on this versatile outbuilding overlooks the tennis court and provides the perfect place to sunbathe, exercise, watch tennis matches or enjoy an elegant party.

Sliding Glass Door and Balcony Make This Building Versatile

The multi-glass sliding door fully retracts to reveal the tennis courts from the gym. This creates a perfect indoor-outdoor experience. The roof balcony above creates a space for watching tennis matches, sunbathing and open air exercise surrounded by a pebble-landscaped rooftop to complete this versatile little building.

Detached Garage in First Floor of Versatile Outbuilding

The top floor of this versatile outbuilding serves as a detached garage. Stairs leading from the garage travel down into a state of the art gym that can easily be transformed into a party space.

Stairs Lead From Detached Garage to State of the Art Home Gym

The stairs in this space lead from a detached one car garage lead down to a home gym that can easily be transformed into the perfect space for an indoor-outdoor soirée. Inside this lower level space is a kitchen that helps to provide the perfect set up for a party or hydration after a work out.

Kitchen Provides Amenities in Versatile Out Building

This state of the art gym can easily be transformed into an open air party space. The kitchen in this space helps to provide the amenities needed to throw a great bash.

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