A Tech Guru's Apartment for Work and Play

Designer Susan Galvani worked closely with her tech-industry client to create a multifunctional apartment suitable for both working at home and entertaining guests.

Photo By: Richard Caplan

Photo By: Richard Caplan

Photo By: Richard Caplan

Photo By: Richard Caplan

White Eclectic Living Room With Gold Sofa

The designer for this living room wanted to create a visually bold setting that allowed for easy entertaining. The long narrow space features a tete a tete sofa in the center, open to both sides of the room for flexible socializing.

White Eclectic Living Room With Yellow Sofa

An eclectic collection of accessories and materials comes together in this living room to make a bold, visually compelling statement. Large houseplants flank the corner of the space, providing boundary lines.

Wood Dining Table With Red Banquette

A wild mix of seating including lucite ghost chairs (one with a fur throw) and a red banquette brings eclectic flair to this dining area.

Lucite Console Table With Pink Books

A lucite console table brings an open, airy feel to this niche and helps the colorful books and flowers pop out against the gray wall.

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