Contemporary House With Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is maximized in this spacious house thanks to a streamlined contemporary style, neutral color palette and smart lighting scheme.

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Photo By: Jason + Anna Photography

Ranch Inspired Contemporary Living Room With Leather Seating, Mirror Coffee Table and Display Shelves

Matching built in shelves frame the gray stone fireplace and mantel in this ranch living room. Each shelf cubby displays a decor item adding personality to the room without giving it a cluttered feel. A mirror coffee table catches the natural light from the window and brightens the space. A leather sofa is highlighted with turquoise throw pillows.

Long, Brown Leather Sofa in Midcentury Modern Living Room With Turquoise Accents and Built In Shelves

A long brown leather sofa matches the length of the window allowing natural light into this midcentury modern living room. Turquoise accent pillows bring color to the space. Two diamond pattern pillows compliment the diamond pattern of the floor rug. A mirror coffee table reflects the natural light and contributes to the brightness of the room.

Black Leather Chaise, Tufted Brown Leather Chair and Distressed Finish TV Shelf In Midcentury Modern Living Room

A large black leather chaise brings a pleasing texture to this living room design. A cabinet with a distressed finish acts as an entertainment center to support the television between the chaise and light brown leather chair. A diamond pattern area rug pads the hardwood floor and matches the light cream shade of the wall paint.

Long Wood Dining Table With Black Leather Chairs in Open Design Living Space With Connected Kitchen and Living Room

This sleek dining room set up still allows for a spacious feel in this open design living space. A long wood dining table is circled with black leather chairs, and a simple centerpiece adds a touch of decoration. The connected kitchen and living room stick with the neutral color scheme for a cohesive look.

Contemporary Kitchen With Recessed Lighting Over Wood Cabinetry and Large Island With White Countertop

Built in wood cabinetry adds a deeper shade to the room over the hardwood flooring. A long kitchen island with white granite countertop creates an eat-in area with barstool seating. Windows add natural brightness to the space that reflects off the stainless steel appliances.

Open Design Kitchen and Dining Room With Long Island, Built In Wood Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances

This spacious kitchen features a large island with bar seating, stove and range hood and built in cabinets for extra storage space. Wood cabinets surround the stainless steel refrigerator and frame the window over the sink. A wood table and black leather chairs create a connected dining space.

Open Contemporary Kitchen and Dining Room With Large White Countertop Island, Full Wall Cabinetry and Neutral Color Scheme

Space between the large island and the wood dining table creates a natural separation of the space while still leaving the design open and connected. Full wall cabinets with frosted glass doors on top allow for organized and concealed storage keeping the countertops clear for a clean finish. Natural light bounces off the white countertops for a bright look to the room.

Large Contemporary Kitchen With Long, White Granite Topped Island, Stainless Steel Range Hood and Connected Dining Area

A large island fits perfectly in this spacious contemporary kitchen. The white granite countertop and white walls keep the space bright and open. A stainless steel range hood matches the built in refrigerator. The connected dining space features a long wood table and brown dining chairs.

Wood Cabinets, Stainless Steel Appliances and White Countertops in Contemporary Kitchen

A double oven and stainless steel refrigerator are encircled by wood cabinets for maximum storage in this contemporary kitchen. A stainless steel range hood hangs over the island stovetop. White countertops are kept free of clutter for an organized and bright finish.

Contemporary Living Room With Beige Sectional, Diamond Pattern Rug and Turquoise Accents

A large beige sectional and cozy cream chair line the wall in this living room for stylish seating. A reflective circular coffee table centers the room over the diamond pattern rug. Throw pillows contribute to the neutral shades in the design while a single pillow adds a pop of turquoise for an accent.

Timeless Transitional Bedroom With Exposed Wood Ceiling Beams, King Size Bed and Modern Cube Lamp

A wood ceiling with exposed beams creates a beautiful look in this timeless bedroom design. A king bed with white wood headboard is covered with white bed linens for a classic look. A modern cube lamp gives an updated detailed to the traditional room.

Modern Bathroom With White Bathtub, Large Built In Wood Vanity Cabinetry and Beige Shag Rug

A beautiful neutral color scheme gives this bathroom a sophisticated look to pair with the modern design. The built in cabinetry adds a dark wood accent to the space and frames the sconce-lit vanity. A sleek white bathtub is tucked in the corner and a shag rug finishes the space with a touch of texture.

Bright Modern Bathroom With Beige Walls, Glass Walk In Shower and White Tile Shower Walls With Shaded Accent Section

White tile covers the interior of this shower with a slightly darker neutral panel adding an accent section. A glass door leads into the shower with glass wall panels closing off the rest of the open side.

Tranquil Backyard Swimming Pool Patio With Stone Tile Floor, Turquoise Vase Decor and Red Striped Chairs

Stone tile flooring surrounds this peaceful swimming pool set up in the backyard of this ranch home. A pair of striped red chairs and a trio of large turquoise vases add touches of color to the light, neutral tones of the space.

Large Turquoise Vase Decor Accent on Neutral Tile Pool Patio With Waterfall Feature

A large turquoise vase adds a beautiful pop of color against the light neutral patio floor and exterior home walls. The turquoise compliments the natural hue of the water. The light color scheme and palm trees give the patio a tropical feel.

Spacious Neutral Tile Swimming Pool Patio With Red Accent Chairs and Large Turquoise Vase

Neutral patio tile and matching, light neutral exterior walls create a calm and spacious look for this backyard swimming pool space. A pair of red cushioned chairs add a pop of accent color against the tan palette. A large turquoise standing vase contributes an additional touch of color and compliments the pool water.

Walk In Shower With Frosted Glass Windows and Stainless Steel Shower Head

A defined hardwood floor leads to this bright, modern walk in shower. The white color keeps the space simple and timeless. Frosted glass windows let in natural light to combine with the recessed lighting. A large stainless steel shower head is mounted high on the wall for a large range of water fall.

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