Great Scotts!

Go Behind the Scenes with the Bros 35 Photos

Goofy shots of their adventures buying, selling and renovating houses.

The Scott Brothers: Then and Now 26 Photos

Take a look at these precious childhood pics of the Scotts.

Brother Vs. Brother Exclusives 21 Photos

Photos from season three of Brother Vs. Brother: Jonathan vs Drew.

Watch Scott Brother Exclusives

Hang out with HGTV's favorite brothers in Web-exclusive video series.

Join Their Vacation 6 Videos

Jonathan, Drew and brother JD hit the carnival scene for a roller-coaster of an adventure.


Toddler Vs. Toddler 6 Videos

The brothers lead two teams of adorable tots through hilarious mock renovation challenges.

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See the most recent home renovations and behind-the-scenes tips from Drew and Jonathan Scott.

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