Tom has been with Balance Associates since the beginning. He likes the challenge of coming up with creative solutions to design problems, and claims “projects are like kids: I really don’t have a favorite.

They are each different, and it’s fun to watch them develop over time. Handing over a completed house to the owners is like high-school graduation. Hearing how much a client likes their house, winning an award, or seeing a house I’ve designed in a book makes me feel like a proud parent.”

Tom grew up building things. In fact, Tom’s first “toy” was a bunch of scrap 2x4s that his father brought home. Tom used the scraps as building blocks, and played with the lumber more than any other toy.

When not designing for his clients, Tom skis, bikes, hikes, travels and enjoys dinner with friends. Tom’s real claim to fame, however, is that he skied from Russia to Sweden across Finland in a week.

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