Modern New York Penthouse

Floor-to-ceiling windows, an open great room and modern geometric furniture all come together in this upscale New York City penthouse.

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Photo By: Cecilia Dupire

Modern Living Area With Red Accents and Stunning Skyline View

This modern living space combines kitchen, dining and living rooms by getting rid of the walls, leaving the floor plan wide open. To add some dimension to the area, bold red accents are scattered throughout the space to contrast the white walls and furnishings.

Modern White Kitchen with Colorful Striped Rug

The large plant and striped rug bring color to this minimalist kitchen. Sleek white cabinets feature sharp lines and bold shapes with a clean polished surface.

Modern White Dining Space with Rose Centerpiece

Bold red flowers and unusual art work bring unexpected elements to the simple dining space while natural light from the windows illuminate the table.

Neutral Modern Living Room With Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Stunning city views are what give this Upper East Side NYC penthouse its real wow factor. Open floor-to-ceiling windows allow for great scenery and natural light. The glass table looks bold and bright with its red accents and light-reflecting quality.

Modern Living Room With Bright Red Wall Art

Red is consistently used throughout this space to break up the room while also tying it together. The bright red contrasts the white walls and sofa, and bare hardwood floor, but it also unifies the space with a common color.

Modern Living Room with Wood Plank Table and Bold Red Art

Bold geometric shapes make up this modern living room. Instead of a traditional coffee table, this piece offers a unique focal point to the room.

Modern Living Room with Black & Yellow Couch

Breaking the mold of the traditional living room, geometric shapes make this space unique. A black and yellow rectangular couch and wooden plank coffee table give this room a modern twist.

Modern Hallway with Bold Art and Upright Piano

This simple white hallway becomes bright with color added by the two paintings on the wall. The piano livens up the area by putting a classic piece in an unexpected area, and the deep wood color pops against the stark white walls.

Modern White Bedroom With Beautiful City View

This Upper East Side bedroom features completely white furnishings with bright colors in the accessories. The large, bare windows allow for plenty of natural light and a view of the city.

Modern White Day Bed Space with Bright Pillows

This lounging nook in the corner offers a spacious place to take in the view of the city and enjoy the natural light from the windows. Bold geometric pillows and a bright green ottoman contrast the white walls and day bed.

Modern White Bedroom With Bold Graphic Pillows

This simple white bedroom is livened up by graphic throws and pillows. City views add decoration to the room without the need of traditional wall art.

Penthouse Veranda With Grass Floor

The grass flooring and multitude of plant life make this veranda feel more connected to the outdoors among a city full of skyscrapers. It remains simple and modern with red and white furnishing.  

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