Creating the Life you Love- As an Interior Designer, admittedly, I’m turned on by beauty. Beautiful things, beautiful places, beautiful experiences, beautiful people. I’m the type of person that has to touch and feel every interesting object I see. I love unique items, colorful accessories, and especially items that are full of meaning.

But recently, I took a break from ‘stuff’ – kind of a forced sabbatical from all the material trappings of my past life as I was expanding into my new life.

For a period of 9 months my children and I had very few material objects. We had dishes but no table. A radio but no TV. No sofa. No chairs. No beds. Although we did have a wonderful roof overhead, we had very little else. In fact I moved patio furniture into our living room so we’d have a place to sit.

I learned a lot from this experience and it gifted me with an understanding and knowingness of the real value of things.

This experience opened my eyes to the importance of the objects with which we share our living and working spaces. I came to know that they can and should be reminders of tender moments, of pleasurable interchanges and often serve as physical tokens for the energy of those loving memories. It’s the difference between knowledge and knowing.

I learned that things can serve and support too, but now I know they can do it in a meaningful way-like the cradle of a well-fitted chair and the glow of a good reading lamp.

My experience became the difference between knowledge and knowing. I want to share the knowing of this experience with you.

I have always thought that the best way to get to know someone is through their home; every object they own tells a story, invites a memory, speaks of family and friends, successes, desires, and passions, where they've been, where they want to be.

Designing a space for someone isn't just about creating a beautiful environment, but about creating a mood or feeling: power in a law firm, serenity in a bathroom. For each person, what conveys those feelings can be drastically different. Establishing a personal relationship with each client is essential; a designer must know their client, what's important to them, what makes them who they are, not just what they like. To me- this is the essence of good design that is long satisfying to the individual client.

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