Curvy Kitchen for Entertaining

Designer Chris Johnson shares her story of a sleek kitchen remodel featuring geometric design and an open floor plan for entertaining.
Green Contemporary Kitchen With Horseshoe Island

Green Contemporary Kitchen With Horseshoe Island

Although it steals some practical prep space, this stepped and curved kitchen island promotes social interaction. A green glass tile backsplash and open cabinet shelving creates a chic contemporary look.

From: Chris Johnson

By: Virginia Switzer

When designer Chris Johnson of Design Tec Inc. viewed the original floor plan for a kitchen remodeling project in Las Vegas, she was determined to add interest and symmetry to the space.

The following Q&A with Chris reveals goals and challenges that were incorporated into this sleek kitchen design.

What were the homeowners' design problems?

This particular project was from Ridges community in Las Vegas. The original plan lacked interest and symmetry. When we received the plans from the architect, the kitchen was set up with closed cabinets and a rectangular island. There was no feature pendant lighting or open shelving.

A Curvy Kitchen With Sleek Design

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A Kitchen With Modern Design

When designer Chris Johnson of Design Tec Inc. viewed the original floor plan for a kitchen remodeling project, she was determined to create interest and symmetry in the space by adding a geometric backsplash, eye-catching lighting and an island for entertaining.

Lighting Design

To give the kitchen a dramatic focal point, Chris created a half round bar and island with modern pendant lighting positioned over each barstool.

Shelves and Backsplash

The Design Tec team improved on the shelves for displaying items to create interest.

The Kitchen Island

The island was a stylish and functional feature that utilized Caesarstone to create a sleek design.

A Space for Entertaining

The result is a kitchen that is fully equipped for entertaining and casual dining.

Describe the homeowners' wish list for their kitchen remodel.

The goal for the homeowners was to create a central entertainment space in the kitchen, which would integrate the host with their guests and also function for everyday family use.

To give the house a dramatic focal point we created a half round bar/island with pendant lighting for each bar stool. The other element of the kitchen that we improved was the open shelves for display items to create interest.

How was the overall vision captured in the space?

Our projects exemplify a design integrity that runs consistently through all the elements and finishes. We wanted to make this kitchen exciting and interesting for the homeowner, yet maintain a common thread to blend the whole house together.

Using a Caesarstone solid surface enabled us to create the half circle without seeing any seams in the material. The geometric character of the glass tile background highlighted the beautiful clean wood cabinetry. The pendant lighting positioned in the same configuration as the island seating, created drama as well as functionality.

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