Warm, Contemporary Backyard

Designer Claudia Schmutzler uses redwood to create a stunning deck and pergola, transforming the typical backyard into a outdoor retreat perfect for entertaining.

Before: Boring Backyard

The outdoor space was a typical backyard, but it had a lot of flooding issues that designer Claudia Schmutzler had to tackle before design could begin.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

After: Inviting, Modern Patio

To fix the flooding issues, Schmutzler installs a sump pump and drains throughout the yard and under the deck. She then transforms the space with a large redwood deck and pergola, as well as a high-end kitchen.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

Built-In Benches

Classic Heart redwood from The California Redwood Company is used to create the dramatic deck and pergola. Built-in seating is included to save space, while providing plenty of seats for gatherings.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

Comfy Seating

Low furniture is used to create a contemporary, lounge-like atmosphere.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

Outdoor Kitchen

The high-end outdoor kitchen features a refrigerator, a prep space with a larger countertop, a wet bar, two burners, storage and cutting boards.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

Entertaining Outdoors

Bar stools are included in the design so that the homeowner can entertain guests while cooking outside. A redwood pergola over the kitchen features built-in lighting so entertaining can continue at night.
From: Claudia Schmutzler

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