Spanish-Inspired Kitchen

Designer Deena Castello of Cabochon kept this kitchen's original charm intact while incorporating a traditional, Spanish-inspired look for a modern spin.
By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Perfectly Patterned

The otherwise neutral kitchen gets a textured touch with the armchair's fun upholstery.
From: Deena Castello

Kitchen Island Decor

Bright florals liven up the spacious kitchen island.
From: Deena Castello

Well-Planned Lighting

A funky chandelier adds a modern feel to the space.
From: Deena Castello

Room for Everything

The roomy cabinetry allows for ample storage space throughout the kitchen.
From: Deena Castello

Wall-to-Wall Cabinets

The narrow shape of the kitchen area called for creative design decisions in order to make use of all available space.
From: Deena Castello

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