Minimalist Modern Home With Breathtaking Views of Los Angeles

Dunn Architecture Studio makes the most of their client's site with spectacular views of the Los Angeles Basin. The minimalist-modern home makes it easy to enjoy indoor-outdoor living year-round.

Exterior of Modern Mount Olympus Home

Exterior of Modern Mount Olympus Home

This home's exterior modern design uses clean lines and lots of windows to make the home stand out at the top of beautiful Mount Olympus, Washington.

Photo by: Marc Angeles

Marc Angeles

What did your clients want?

This was a ground-up build. The client had certain requirements: that it was easy to observe the children in the backyard, that the house took advantage of the views and that there was curb appeal. To accomplish this, we opened the home to the canyon and the city to the south. The master suite, in one of the most private locations on the site, is one of the rooms that is most open to the canyon and city view. The house exterior is more closed, providing privacy while having curb appeal.

How does your design use the natural surroundings and light?

The primary views from the site are of the canyon and the Los Angeles Basin, to the south and west. The building is longer in the east-west direction, allowing natural light and views from the south. The decks not only allow access to the view, but also shield the interior from the high summer sun during the warmest months of the year.

Modern First Floor with an Exquisite Mountain View

The rest of the first floor of this house is just as unique as the kitchen. The dining area, sitting just off the kitchen, makes the beautiful mountain view the focal point of the space. The floor to ceiling windows allow in plenty of natural light, while giving a clear view of the scenery. The modern dining table and white table setting, while elegant, take a back seat to the beauty of nature. The sitting room just off the dining area uses the same simple, elegant design, continuously highlighting the extraordinary view.

White Modern Kitchen with Zebra Wood Cabinets

The contrast of the white walls and countertops and the exotic, zebra wood walls makes this modern space truly stand out. The grain on the zebra wood gives the cabinets a decorative quality, while the white that surrounds them brings the simplicity of the modern style to life.

Large Kitchen Island with Extended Countertop in Modern Kitchen

The island in this modern kitchen is not only elegant, but it is also functional. The family was concerned with their lack of counter space, so the designers added some with the island. The extra long island has an extended countertop to give the family more room to prepare their meals. The family could also use the space as casual seating if they needed it.

Large Kitchen Island Adds Storage and Counter Space and Houses Appliances

Not only does this large kitchen island help give the family more counter space, it also adds plenty of storage. Plenty of drawers and small cabinets make sure that frequently used items, like silverware and corkscrews, are easily accessible. The island also houses a convection oven, convenient for easy, even baking, and a deep prep sink for easy cleanup.

Modern Kitchen with Ample Storage and Prep Space

This modern kitchen is an elegant, functional space for this family. Storage and organization is the name of the game for this family, so designers created something that would help them with just that. Large cabinets cover both sides of the space, giving the family plenty of room to keep all of their things. With all the extra cabinet space, prep space became an issue, so designers added a few extra feet on either side of the stove and extended the countertop for the kitchen island to give this family an great place to work.

Modern Kitchen with Zebra Wood Cabinetry and White Countertops

The modern kitchen in this home makes use of natural beauty with these zebra wood cabinets. The grain of this exotic wood gives the cabinets an ornamental quality without being overbearing-perfect for the no-nonsense feel of a modern design. The white countertops accent the grain of the wood, making it the showpiece of the space.

Door and Window of Modern Home Show Fluidity in the Open Concept Floor Plan

As you enter this Washington home, you can feel the fluidity of the entire space-from outdoors all the way in. The seamless window above the kitchen sink allows outward onlooker a small peek of the simple elegance that exists inside. The door that opens into the dining area gives a clear vies of the entire open plan first floor, making the whole space, even from the outside, feel connected.

Pea Gravel Walking Path Surrounding This Modern Home

The exterior of this residence is surrounded by a walking path that leads to the backyard. The path is made of pea gravel and is landscaped with bushes and shrubs, just like the backyard around the pool.

Well-Lit Modern Sink with Long Rectangular Mirror

This elegant modern sink, overlooked by two modern light fixtures and an oversized rectangular mirror, is the focal point for this private space.

Modern White Wine Cellar with Textured Walls

This home is complete with all of the luxuries-including a wine cellar. The wood for the wine racks and drawers are made out of the same zebra wood that the rest of the home's cabinets are, and the walls have been given a texture to make the small space pop.

Modern Master Suite with Outdoor Sitting Area and Retractable Glass Walls

This space's main focus is the relaxing beauty of nature, so designers added two sitting areas to be enjoyed by the couple. One of the sitting areas is outdoors, giving the couple the option of enjoying their views outside. Another way for the couple to make the most of their space is with the retractable glass walls that designers added to the room. These walls can be rolled away to allow in a cool breeze, or they can be easily closed to keep out the cool weather.

Minimalist Modern Master Bedroom with Magnificent Mountain Views

This Mount Olympus master bedroom has a view fit for the gods. The retractable window walls allow for an up close and personal view of nature, making this space the perfect place to relax. The minimalist design of the space leaves the couple with nothing to distract them from the natural beauty surrounding their home.

Modern Master Suite with Retractable Windows

This luxurious master suite has an exciting feature-the space can either be an outdoor oasis or an indoor getaway. Designers thought it would be a shame to waste the couple's magnificent mountain views, so they planned a way to bring the outdoors in. The windows that make up the walls of the master suite are retractable, giving the couple options with their space.

Modern Master Retreat with Large Windows and Sitting Area

This elegant, modern master suite features floor to ceiling windows looking out onto a beautiful mountain view, creating a peaceful space to relax. There is nothing extra in this space, so eliminating the distractions of the day is easy.

Glass Windows Provide Access to the Beautiful Views of Mount Olympus

The glass walls of this shower room, just off the master suite, allows the bather to enjoy the beautiful Mount Olympus views, just like the retractable window walls in the master bedroom accentuate the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Shower Room with Gray and White Tile in Modern Master En Suite

The small gray and white tile of the shower room adds a bit of flair to this modern en suite. The large tile of the marble floor in the bathroom area adds color and compliments the modern design of the space, but the shower room adds elegant contrast and give the space a little extra dimension.

Shower Room with Glass Walls in Modern Master Bathroom

The elegant master bath in this space contains a shower room. The space is enclosed by glass, so that the bather can still enjoy the beautiful mountain view the home affords.

Zebra Wood Cabinets and White Countertops in Gray and White Modern En Suite

This elegant, master en suite brings some of the elements of the kitchen, such as the zebra wood cabinets and white countertops, and blends them with the gray and white tile to give the whole house continuity.

Gray and White Minimalist Modern Master Bathroom

These homeowners wanted a master bathroom with just the essentials, so designers added a deep basin sink and an eco-friendly toilet. The space gets an elegant touch with the tile all around. The gray and white marble on the floor give this bathroom an upscale feel, while the small gray and white tile on the wall gives the space a little more detail.

View From One of the Home's Many Balconies

Each room in this home has its own balcony so that, no matter where a person is, they can always enjoy the view of their home.

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Modern Floating Vanity with Rectangular Mirror and Modern Lighting

The floating vanity in this small bathroom continues the trend of zebra wood and white countertop throughout the home. The mirror and the light fixtures also mirror the ones in the master bathroom. This gives the home the feeling of continuity throughout. See it at

Aerial View of Modern Mount Olympus Home with Cedar Siding

The aerial view of this modern home shows the continuous use of cedar siding around the exterior of this home. Each bedroom balcony is also visible, along with the roof deck and back patio.

Rectangular Pool Compliments Clean Lines of Modern Home

The simple elegance of this Washington home does not stop inside. Although minimally landscaped, the pool area of this home is perfectly manicured, and the pool's simple rectangular shape compliments the clean lines of the house.

Uplighting Accents Home's Modern Details

The uplighting on the exterior of the home helps to accentuate its modern features, such as the continuous cedar siding.

Mount Olympus Home with Cedar Siding and Matching Garage Doors

This modern house is accented with cedar siding. The garage doors are built out of the same material so that they blend in seamlessly with the design.

Exterior of Modern Mount Olympus Home

This home's exterior modern design uses clean lines and lots of windows to make the home stand out at the top of beautiful Mount Olympus, Washington.

Indoor/Outdoor Modern Master Suite with Mountain View

At night, the couple have the option of watching from inside their modern master suite or outside on the deck. They even have the ability to remove the walls of their space and have the best of both worlds.

View From Second Story Deck of Mount Olympus Home

This view is the one that can be seen from the deck of the second story of this modern home. The deck surrounds the master bedroom and faces the city, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy the views just outside their window.

Night View of Modern House Overlooking Mount Olympus

This magnificent modern house sits on top of beautiful Mount Olympus. The beautiful mountain views can be seen from anywhere in the house or in the backyard pool. See it at

Modern Mount Olympus Residence with Beautiful View of the City

At night, the couple can enjoy their bird's eye view of Mount Olympus from either story of their modern house or from their backyard pool. All three overlook the city with a magnificent view.

What was your biggest obstacle?

Excavating for the foundation was a challenge. There is hard rock right beneath the surface of much of the site, which is both a good thing and a challenge. The first drill rig the contractor brought to drill the caissons was not powerful enough for the rock on site. The drill bit bound up and the rig spun a quarter turn around the bit before the operator shut it off and told the foreman, “We’re done today. You’re going to need a bigger rig.”

Why no separation between the master bath shower and tub?

The room is meant to be shared by the owners of the house. The idea is that you are bathing in the trees. Given that, there was no need to separate the shower and tub. The glass wall creates a wet room, separate from the rest of the bathroom.

What are you proudest of?

We really worked to blur the line between interior and exterior in order to take advantage of the site. We love the fact that we can open the walls to the outdoors and truly enjoy Southern California’s mild climate year-round.

Why did you choose a modern, minimalistic approach?

We believe that buildings should reflect the time in which they were built and take advantage of the unique conditions of their site. The simple forms and natural materials on the interior reflect the ethos of sunny Southern California.

What makes this project uniquely yours?

We work very hard to come up with solutions that reflect our clients and take full advantage of the site we are given. This would have been a different home given different clients or a different site. Though our approach is always modern and usually seeks to open itself to the site, each project reflects the client.

What “hidden gems” are in your design?

Very early in the project we suggested that the clients rent a scissor lift so we could find the best views from the site at the second floor and decide if a roof deck would be worth the expense. To our surprise, the clients agreed. This early field work determined the plan of the building and also located the position of the master suite.

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