Midcentury Modern Loft With Vintage Artwork

This midcentury modern design is grounded in neutral colors and accented with industrial touches, lots of texture, and abundant open spaces.

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Photo By: Frank Slesinski

Iconic Midcentury Modern Furniture Pieces and Area Rug

An Eames lounge chair, Hans Wegner sofa and Corbusier chaise share this living room with a large midcentury modern area rug.

Midcentury Modern Design in Industrial Downtown Loft

While embracing the loft vernacular of exposed ductwork and concrete columns, a sophisticated, luxurious vibe is created in this downtown loft by incorporating elements of midcentury modern design.

Sports Writer's Loft With Vintage Sports Prints

In this sports writer's downtown loft, 20th century vintage prints of sporting activities are framed to create a gallery wall in the living room.

Antiqued Mirror Backsplash in Industrial Loft Kitchen

Embracing the industrial style of exposed ductwork and concrete walls, sophisticated antiqued mirror is used as the backsplash in the kitchen.

Upholstered Folding Privacy Screens for Texture

Upholstered folding privacy screens on both sides of the bed are used to add texture and dimension to the bedroom.

Luxurious Black Area Rug in Midcentury Modern Bedroom

A luxurious black area rug helps ground the soft neutral colors used in this midcentury modern bedroom.

Neutral Kaleidoscope Wallpaper in Midcentury Bathroom

A neutral colored kaleidoscope wallpaper adds a sophisticated and relaxing feel to this midcentury modern bathroom.

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