Mediterranean-Style, Lakefront Home With Breathtaking Landscape Design and Water Features

Landscape architect Jason Brownlee took one look at this lovely Mediterranean-inspired home that is situated at the end of a lakefront peninsula and drew inspiration from its radial core and natural surroundings and created a work of art in this outdoor design. Not only are the sculptured angles of the patio, walkway and railing reflective of the circular architecture of the home, but also in the masterful design of the infinity-edged pool and interlaced catch basins, giving this outdoor space a sense of magic in motion. The design shows passion with purpose and invites the homeowner to enjoy the outdoor pleasures of this home's dramatic but inviting character.

Spectacular Pool and Patio Design for Lakefront Property

Strategic design equals stunning effect when considering Jason Brownlee's landscape plan for this lakefront property. Seen from above, the three-tiered, infinity-edged pool in black PebbleSheen onyx provides a dramatic contrast against the subtle tones of the patio and Mediterranean-inspired home while maintaining the contours of the radial theme of both the home and its location. From the ground, however, the pool highlights the lakefront view and gives the illusion of a water-to-water continuous connection.

Jason Brownlee: A Pool With a View

Are we poolside or lakeside? In his redesign of this Mediterranean-inspired, lakeside villa, Jason Brownlee keeps us guessing by creating the illusion of a continuous flow of water. The pool, at its 13-foot elevation from the lake, was oriented to the lakefront beyond with a reflective, infinity-edge pool using an overflow perimeter system that allows water to fall to lower basins below, while seeming to sit flush against the upper patio floor. The effect is dramatic yet inviting for family and friends to relax and enjoy the spectacular view.

Poolside Retreat With Spectacular Lakefront View

Landscape architect Jason Brownlee designed this outside oasis to mirror the circular design of the Mediterranean-style villa but added modern touches to accentuate the view. This ebb and flow design features a reflective, infinity-edge pool in black onyx with terraced water features that allow overflow to be caught in spa basins below. The perimeter overflow system allows the pool to level flush against the travertine floor of the upper patio and helps to frame the view for a continuous water-to-water illusion from pool to lake.

Creative Pool Design: A Continuous Flow From Patio to Lake

Although this patio is perched 13 feet above the lake beyond, Jason Brownlee created the illusion of a continuous and direct connection to the water by designing a pool and spa feature that aligns perfectly with the waterfront view. The infinity-edge, reflective pool that lay flush against the perimeter of the travertine patio helps to reinforce this optical illusion and allows the flowing curves of the patio design to define the space.

Three-Tiered Pool Design With Black Onyx Water Features

Jason Brownlee truly created a work of art for this lakefront property in his design of a terraced pool with water features in black onyx. It connects visually with the Mediterranean-inspired home while providing contrast in color and texture. Especially stunning is the reflective, infinity-edged upper section that is flush with the patio and features a decorative fire bowl to provide accent and drama. Travertine stone creates consistency with the rest of the home and allows the pool and landscaping to take prominence.

About Jason Brownlee

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