Dated Kitchen Goes Contemporary

For a homeowner in his late 60s, a kitchen that was dark and underutilized just wouldn't do. Designer John Buscarello transformed the space into the contemporary cooking area the owner always wanted.
An Artsy Kitchen Display

An Artsy Kitchen Display

For this kitchen renovation, the homeowner desperately wanted a place to showcase his art collection.

Photo by: Ariel Camilo

Ariel Camilo

For this kitchen renovation, the homeowner desperately wanted a place to showcase his art collection.

For a client with a desire to have a more fun space to cook in and a bourgeoning art collection in need a an adequate display case, designer John Buscarello was the perfect choice.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

The owner wanted to update the apartment while he was young enough (late 60s), make the kitchen fun for cooking, and feature an art collection.

What was the biggest issue the design addressed?

The owner loved the former renovation 20 years ago. He probably would have just cleaned it up, but it was dated and heavy. We needed to show him what could be done to change and update the space.

Kitchen Gets Artsy, Contemporary Makeover

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Kitchen Lighting That Shines

This contemporary open kitchen makes the most of natural lighting with light wood finishes and neutral walls that allow light to bounce across the room, creating a light and airy ambiance.

Open Floor Plan With Mixed Flooring

This open kitchen leads into a dining area. To create interest, different flooring was chosen for the different spaces. The more recently updated kitchen was covered with stunning walnut.

Photo By: Ariel Camilo

Kitchen With Contemporary Flooring

The gorgeous walnut wood flooring in this newly-renovated kitchen gives the entire space a more contemporary vibe. Medium-wood cabinets and a cream-colored backsplash play off the floor’s light, earthy coloring.

Lovely, Luminous Backsplash

A stunning, iridescent backsplash lights up this contemporary kitchen. Designer John Buscarello avoided adding outlets on the backsplash and opted for a power strip under the cabinets instead.

Stylish Kitchen Storage

Kitchen cabinets with sleek hardware conceal cookware, plates and more while also adding to the room’s homey, contemporary vibe. A built-in microwave saves valuable counter space.

Simple Kitchen Island Seating

The kitchen island in this light, open kitchen features a couple of stools for casual seating and facilitates easy conversation between guests and the cook when the homeowner entertains.

Photo By: Ariel Camilo

An Artsy Kitchen Display

For this kitchen renovation, the homeowner desperately wanted a place to showcase his art collection. Shelves and nooks with excellent lighting did the trick, making the art a focal point that defines the space.

Photo By: Ariel Camilo

Gorgeous Kitchen Lighting

A gorgeous pendant light hangs above the kitchen island, providing task lighting as well as an artistic element to the prep space.

Photo By: Ariel Camilo

Describe an obstacle in the space.

The open kitchen is integrated into the apartment. We wanted to create an interesting space. The owner likes color yet did not want it to clash with his art, so we used a lot of natural finishes including walnut wood flooring.

How did the end result match your original vision?

When spaces were coming together, the kitchen was so good we decided to flip the dining room table and living room. Now the dining table is right next to the island.

What lessons did you learn from this project?

It’s always great to work with adventuresome clients—this client wanted space for art displayed. We designed cabinets with lighting and glass, which was not as easy to execute as I thought.

What are the hidden gems that make a big difference?

The light fixture over the island is stained glass. The countertops are Nacarado quartzite from Brazil. The floors are natural walnut with beautiful coloration. The built-in display cabinet has glass shelves with wood frames that allows light to pass through. There are no outlets in the backsplash; instead, there is a power strip with outlets under the upper cabinets.

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