White and Orange Modern Kitchen

Designer Judith Taylor completed a modern overhaul of these kitchen and dining spaces, adding white cabinetry, creating an easy flow between rooms and introducing pops of cheery color to provide a fresh overall look.
By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Shelf Life

Convenient shelving allows for storage of kitchen items and fun decor.
From: Judith Taylor

Room to Room

The easy flow between the kitchen and living room makes the transition from dining to relaxing an easy one. The vibrant orange candlesticks on the coffee table create a tie-in with the same color that was used in the kitchen.
From: Judith Taylor

Casual Dining

The kitchen island is not only handy for food-prep overflow, it is also useful as a casual dining option.
From: Judith Taylor

Just the Right Balance

The overall feel of the room is a pleasant mix of fresh, modern decor. The pops of vibrant orange color are fun, while the remaining gray and white decor helps provide balance.
From: Judith Taylor

Have a Seat

The living room's furniture is comprised of a swanky leather sofa paired with a neutral armchair.
From: Judith Taylor

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