Orange Transitional Bedroom With Orange Rug

This stately bedroom belongs to a 12-year-old boy, but has enough elegant style to please anyone. Orange, gray and black create a masculine, outdoorsy feel; and the desk and built-in window seat are comfortable, cozy spots to get in some homework or daydreaming time.

Pre-Teen's Pink Room With Sunburst Mirror and Giraffe Chair

This pre-teen girl's room is a departure from a younger "princess" theme and features a floral accent wall, sunburst mirror, navy blue giraffe-print chair, and bed with padded headboard.

Pre-Teen's Pink and Purple Bedroom With Floral Accent Wall

This pre-teen girl's bedroom was redone as a departure from the "princess" theme using bright raspberry and purple hues. A bold accent wall with floral wallpaper and funky upholstery on the window seat offer a graphic punch to the space, while a padded headboard gives the bed a touch of elegance.

Orange Transitional Bedroom With Plaid Bedding

This tasteful bedroom was designed for a 12-year-old boy. It incorporates his love of animals and sports and is sophisticated enough to grow with him into his teen years and beyond. The slight woodsy feel of the space meshes well with the home's proximity to a nature reserve.

Pre-Teen Bedroom With Floral Wallpaper and Padded Headboard

This pre-teen girl's bedroom was redone in bright raspberry and purple hues, along with a bold accent wall with floral wallpaper. A funky design covers the window seat, and a padded headboard gives the bed a touch of elegance.

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