Desk and Homework Space in Boy's Room

To make this little boy's work space extra personal, designers had him work on paper crafts that they hung in the homework area above his desk. They also ordered coloring books, pencils, crayons and art supplies for the desk so that it was ready to use once the renovation was complete.

Fun, Youthful Artwork in Big Boy Room

Designers hung artwork over the dresser that isn't too "little kid-ish" but is still fun and exciting. These pieces are fun and youthful, but can be easily exchanged for something more sophisticated the homeowners' little boy grows.

Sophisticated, Neutral Color Palette Creates Sophisticated Room to Grow

To create a space that would be sophisticated enough for the homeowners' son as a teenager, designers used a neutral color palette with white walls to take advantage of the room's abundance of warm, natural light.

Classic Furniture Creates a Room That Can Grown Up with Its Owner

The homeowners wanted a room that could grow up with their little boy, so designers chose timeless pieces of furniture and base linens for that specific purpose. Designers took liberty to make the room more fun with the artwork, throw pillows and other decor they brought into the space.

Metal Shelves Add Stylish Display Space

Metal shelves on the wall next to the bed add plenty of display space to the room so that the room's owner can showcase his personality.

Modern Touches Create a More Sophisticated Boy's Room

This new, older space uses modern touches such as the modern chairs, light fixture and black and white Roman Shade to create a more sophisticated design.

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