Streamlined, Contemporary Kitchen Design

Architect Peter Feinmann brings in tons of natural light and opens up the layout of the space to create a functional, contemporary kitchen and breakfast area.
By: Barbara Ballinger

Streamlined Kitchen Design

Ceiling design became a feature of the house with lights recessed in the kitchen for mood and overall illumination. For the main countertop surface, limestone is used to contrast with the maple cabinetry while gray porcelain tiles add another hue underfoot. Photography by Eric Roth

Contemporary Breakfast Area

The new kitchen is bigger with the old laundry room incorporated. Maple cabinets keep the look clean and contemporary, and a trio of red pendants add essential punch. Photography by Eric Roth

Lots of Natural Light

The eating area of the kitchen is set aside for more of a room feeling with a bank of windows and a soaring complex of skylights. Photography by Eric Roth

Modern Dining Room

When the kitchen was remodeled for a young family so was the dining room with the idea of giving the entire house a modernist aesthetic. Photography by Eric Roth

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