Modern San Francisco Bachelor Pad

With a client who had very little to fill his home, designer Regan Baker started with a blank slate in this one-bedroom apartment. Inspired by the painting which now hangs over the living room sofa, Baker created a modern bachelor pad that is comfortable, casual and the perfect backdrop for a colorful collection of artwork and photography.

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Photo By: Regan Baker Design

Contemporary Soft Gray Living Room With White Fireplace

A neutral color palette lends a strong sense of relaxation to this contemporary living room. Small shots of color energize the space, and a gorgeous white fireplace serves as a focal point.

Neutral Transitional Living Room With White Fireplace

Plants placed around the room make this serene, transitional living room design even more beautiful and calming. An eye-catching white fireplace serves as a focal point for the neutral space.

Modern Sofa with Orange Pillows

Orange throw pillows are just what this setting needs to break up the brown. Paired with the white throw, the two help the couch stand out in a room full of neutrals.

Contemporary Globe Pendant Sets Dining Room Apart

A large globe pendant hangs over the dining room table, a contemporary accent in a space otherwise brimming with craftsman character. Navy blue paint adorns the upper third of the room -- including the ceiling -- allowing the intricate woodwork to shine.

Navy Dining Room With White Wainscoting

Crisp white wainscoting pops against the dining room's dark navy walls and ceiling. Red industrial letters balance on the picture rail molding, adding a graphic element to neatly structured space.

Cool and Contemporary Bachelor Pad

The bachelor pad has a simple, uncluttered aesthetic that carries over into all the living spaces. A strong commitment to neutrals and sleek furniture silhouettes keep the look masculine and unfussy.

Built-In Hutch With Leaded Glass Detail

A built-in hutch provides convenient dining room storage and showcases the artistry of leaded glass, a hallmark of craftsman design.

Simple and Sophisticated Barware

A collection of glass decanters, a brass bottle opener and a bowl of whiskey stones is a simple yet sophisticated set up for the bar.

Neutral Transitional Hallway With White Wainscoting

This neutral hallway is transformed with bold wall art and crisp white wainscoting. The bright, graphic art and a wall cutout make this transitional hallway a standout room in its own right.

Transitional Bachelor Pad Bedroom With Orange Accents

Gray walls and clean, smooth furniture ground this bachelor pad bedroom, while pops of orange and contemporary accents keep it interesting. Layered bedding adds texture to the space.

Hanging Instruments Serve as Art in Modern Gray Room

This room's gray walls act as a canvas for a modern art display that incorporates hanging instruments. Try mixing art with your favorite accessories for a funky, personalized look.

Various Objects Add Decoration and Diversity to a Dresser

Just because objects sit on the same surface doesn’t mean they have to match. An array of objects contrast drastically against the plain white dresser and simple gray walls.

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