Modern Home Features Colorful, Chic Style

What began as a modern house with white walls and broad windows has since been transformed by designer Regan Baker into a coloful, comfortable retreat for a single family. A mix of fabrics and styles gives the interior an eclectic elegance. 

From: Regan Baker
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Modern Exterior With Two-Car Garage

A simple cubic exterior suits the urban landscape surrounding this modern home. Three picture windows ensure that the residence is filled with plenty of natural light, while a two-car garage offers space for mom and dad's vehicles. 

Entryway Features Round Mirror

Simple, streamlined decor gives the entryway a fresh, contemporary look. Above the console table, a large round mirror both brightens the space and makes the entryway that seem much larger. 

Guest Room With Wooden Headboard

Mustard yellow and gray make up the muted color palaette in this midcentury modern bedroom located just off the foyer. Black and white prints rest along the wooden headboard for added visual interest.

Earthy Accents

Warm, muted hues create a calming and comfortable atmosphere in this guest bedroom. A black task floor lamp adds an industrial element to the eclectic design, while earthy accents provide color and contrast. 

Private Patio

Sliding glass doors open up to a small patio with a rattan egg-shaped swing and kilim rug. Layered jute and fur rugs in the bedroom add warmth and softness to the stone floors.

Patio Includes Rattan Egg Swing

Glass panels on the deck railing allow for crystal-clear views of the backyard. A rattan, egg-shaped swing provides cozy, boho-chic outdoor seating. Large navy throw pillows double as extra seating or a foot rest for the swing.

Open Dining Room

Following the stairs leads to an open dining room complete with a Sputnik light fixture and brown leather chair. In the corner, an oak bookcase with a built-in bench provides a place for displaying books and reading them. 

Contemporary Living Room

Gray and white hues dominate this contemporary living room, creating a comfortable yet sophisticated look. Wooden accents, like the armchair and artwork leaning against the wall, add warmth and texture. 

Upholstered Sectional

An upholstered gray sectional lends itself to effortless entertaining and family movie nights. Mismatched throw pillows in various colors and materials enhance the room's cozy, homey feel. 

Gender-Neutral Nursery

Black and white arrow-printed wallpaper sets the tone for this eclectic, gender-neutral nursery. A turquoise area rug brings a playful pop of color to the space and keeps the floor soft for a crawling infant.  

Eclectic Bookshelf

Scandinavian-style furniture is both chic and gender-neutral in this soothing white nursery. Just beyond the crib, a bookshelf brimming with toys, books and decorative accessories is perfect for bonding with the new little one. 

Children's Playroom With Colorful Accents

Colorful children's artwork and books add whimsy and interest to plain white walls. The tall white storage cabinet keeps toys and art supplies neatly tucked away, while a desk and chair give mom and dad space to work as well.

Imaginative Teepee

A striped, multicolored area rug covers the hardwood floor, providing a soft, comfortable play area for little ones. The whimsical teepee is perfect for afternoon reading sessions or imaginative play.

Master Bedroom With Private Deck

Midcentury modern Danish footstools balance the framed art above the bed and bring natural texture to this serene master bedroom. A colorful area rug grounds the space, while sliding glass doors lead out onto a private deck. 

Bed Features Berry Color Palette

A berry color palette creates a relaxing, inviting atmosphere in this eclectic master bedroom. The black task lamp provides soft lighting and frees up valuable nightstand space. Fuzzy pillows and a wool, maroon-colored blanket add texture and depth to the bed.

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