Modern Cantilevered Beach House

Metal siding and stucco blend with the urban setting to give this modern beach house eye-catching appeal. Robert Nebolon designed the open-plan house to capitalize on nearby ocean views, including from a rooftop terrace.

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

California Modern Beach House With Top-Floor Balcony

This modern beach house blends in beautifully with its Los Angeles surroundings. A top-floor balcony offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Modern Beach House Boasts Sage-Green Stucco

While sleek gray siding gives this beach house a cool look, sage-green stucco adds a natural, earthy feel to the modern design. The garage is tucked under a cantilevered portion of the home.

Modern Beach House Features Metallic Siding

The dusky light casts a gleam on this modern beach home, making the home's metallic siding shine. A large terrace on the third floor provides a spot to enjoy the sunset.

Colorful Entry With Concrete Paver Walkway

Colorful glazed concrete blocks brighten the wall as visitors approach the front door of this modern beach house. Underfoot, large concrete pavers are situated in a bed of loose river pebbles, carving out a walkway.

Crisp White Living Area Feels Bright, Clean

A floating staircase leads from the bottom floor to the main floor of this modern home, where a quiet living room offers beautiful views. Crisp white walls help make the space feel bright and clean.

Midcentury-Modern Living Room With Built-In Bookcases

This midcentury-modern living room orients itself around its beach view, which is visible beyond the houses across the street. The large window showcases the view while also making the terrace feel like part of the living room.

Warm, Inviting Midcentury-Modern Living and Dining Areas

Within this open-concept home, ceiling heights help define the individual spaces. The ceiling stretches higher above the living and dining rooms and falls lower above the kitchen and bar. Warm wood built-ins, wood floors and wood furniture pieces make the midcentury-modern space feel cozy and inviting.

Contemporary Kitchen Features Built-In Breakfast Bar

To save space in this home, the breakfast bar is a built-in structure with a display shelf. Beside the bar, a steel column is covered in colorful mosaic tile that matches the kitchen backsplash. Recycled teak cabinetry lends warmth to the contemporary room.

Large Windows Offer Natural Light and Beach Views

Oversized windows grant this living room stunning beach views and plenty of natural light. Aluminum trellises shade the glass from the southern sun.

ModernSteel and Wood Staircase

This modern floating steel and wood staircase rises adjacent to an oversized polycarbonate window. The translucent polycarbonate offers privacy while still providing daylight in the middle of the open stairwell.

Rooftop Terrace Features Gorgeous Ocean View

With a stunning ocean view, this modern rooftop terrace is a wonderful place to kick back and relax. The aluminum that covers a large portion of the home's exterior carries up to the terrace, forming a railing around the space.

Modern Rooftop Terrace Fit for Sunbathing

This modern rooftop terrace offers fantastic views of the beach and surroundings. A lounge chair provides the perfect spot for impromptu sunbathing.

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